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Valuable people

My name is Mary Moorhead today I want to express why i think Deaf people are valuable. and give you some good back up just in case people ask you. Why do you think that way. Well first and foremost They are people.. They live , they love They laugh and die and cry. Just like you and me. They have families that they raise. and parents that they love. They do everything that people do. There just valuable because they are people! Deaf People but people none the less ,you know. The second reason I think that deaf people have valued is sign language. This is its sign. like this. signing this is their language because it is basically only the language they have to communicate. it’s the way it is a beautiful language, this is beautiful in sign language they in my opinion it has grammar, syntax word symbols, and letters. it’s their a way of
expressing themselves a way of coming out and feeling like a communicator it’s
also inherent in the brain to sign rather than speak most deaf people’s
voices it’s not good and its inherent inside of them to want to sign rather than speak. number three, I have found my reading an
article called “Unmasking the Deaf Brain” and that both the language thing and this about the Deaf brain are available
at Rochester Institute technology they’re done research on the deaf brain
and the thing about the deaf brain is they have these, lets call them “superpowers” and
basically they have ability to see spatial areas difference in hearing
people, they have a ability to scan that is different.. different people than hearing people and it’s heightened They use a different part of their brain than hearing , for deaf brain are
more active like their ability to adapt all right we’re gonna walk into a
new situation and they have to figure out how to communicate, that is an adaptability and that is a strength they have an
ability the ability to scan to do jobs where you have to scan them up like truck driving for
instance semi truck driving to be specific or watching monitors several
monitors in front of you they have the ability to scan back and
forth. Also, when they’re doing a task or multitasking, they are not as distracted because they don’t hear the sounds behind them. That is a real gift. If you would like to more on the uniqueness of the deaf brain. Go to the website. Third, I love Deaf art, very visual very bright they do a lot of hands in their art. If you want to see more art go to Look for De’via Deaf Art They also have dance and music which the use sign in sometimes.It is really a very beautiful and valuable part of the Deaf Culture. Now , last but not least, my favorite, this is the sign for favorite and surprising is their sense of humormost deaf people have great senses of humor. They love to Laugh, and joke. I love this about deaf people. They love to joke about hearing and deaf people. They are Jovel and their humor makes you more comfortable. I appreciate this about them Now some people think or don’t they want to be elite, own language and art and culture. No they just want to belong.Just lie you, so, don’t be afraid approach them.
listen, they’re just like us. Thank you for listening I hope this helps you
see how valuable deaf people are.

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