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Valentine’s Day Sign Language

Hi everyone! Sign Duo here to teach you all some valentine’s day sign language we’re teaching you some signs so you can be ready …if you have that one deaf girl or guy that you want to impress so you can sign or whatever, you know? E: and you can find a ryan just like him R: aww sweet thanks So, if you want to impress that deaf guy or girl, we’re going to teach you some signs to help you out for valentine’s day First sign: The most important sign, what? Happy Valentine’s Day or, Happy Valentine’s Day you can do either two middle fingers, make a heart shape for valentine or two V’s to the heart for Valentine Both are the same. And you might want to spend your Valentine’s day with your sweetheart And the sign is just with your thumbs kinda like game together and you move your thumbs right above your heart It can mean a lot of different things like- Love, Sweetheart, Baby There’s so many different meanings to that sign Like her, she’s my babe. or, BAE BAE!!!! You my BAE! BAE! She’s my bae. Anyways, so sad.. if you don’t have a BAE, sweetheart or love, and you want to ask that deaf guy or girl out, what do you ask? Can we go on a date? Date is with two D’s and tap the hands together to make date. And, if the girl or guy says yes, then, what is normal to do? Dinner and a movie That’s old fashioned. It is very old fashioned, but it WORKS! It works! Look at me, I got her! Beautiful. I got her! And i did it the old fashioned way So, if you go on a date, maybe you can bring some flowers like roses hahaha She got those for me today! I actually had them delivered through the mail R: so sweet, smells good too Today is one week, exactly one week before Valentine’s Day R: so sweet! I’m a guy, and i’m supposed to be tough but i kinda enjoy it tho. i enjoy it to be honest So anyways! Roses and maybe.. some chocolates! C on top of the back of your hand and move it in a circle or or or you could get, if you really like the person you could get him/her a teddy bear! awww Wait, actually those are from her We’re at Ryan’s house so we have all the bears that i’ve given him He’s given me a few that i have at home but we’re at Ryan’s house. This one.. I think This one was the first one i gave you She sowed So sweet! Thanks babe The last signs we are going to teach you is/are very important I love you I love you too Or! ILY (secret sign duo handshake) That’s our handshake! So, like for example, I love you is more on an emotional level ILY, you can apply to friends or whatever. ILY is more flexible and casual One other sign more causal is I love you which is more like you’re awesome or love, i love chocolate or teddy bears. So I hope you can all use the signs we taught you next week for Valentine’s Day! And tell the special people in your life that you love them! Yes, of course. You should always show that no matter if it’s Valentine’s Day or not. Always show that you love your special ones. See you next time! Bye! Sign Duo OUT (ILY) My collection is too big now

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