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How To Learn Sign Language

UW–Madison Summer Classes – ASL

(Music playing) “Meet” is not a “D” though. It’s like this. I love Madison in the summer and the reason I’m taking classes is because of this ASL class (Silence – Room Hums) So going into this class knowing that it was going to be like a
silent signing only from the beginning environment was pretty crazy to think
about. (Silence) I’d say after your first day signing you think about language in a whole different way because you’ve never communicated that way before. My fingers don’t go over there. I am studying to be speech pathologist and I want to work with kids who have neurodevelopmental disabilities. A lot of kids when they’re
learning language at a very early age they can’t speak so a lot of them sign so I’m expanding my knowledge in sign so I can work with kids and help them learn
sign language Often. Sometimes. Sign language is a beautiful mode of communication. There’s so much that I’ve learned within these six weeks and also I think I have the capability to see someone else ASL because everything is so interactive and
immersive. Since the class is small like we can all joke around with one another
and we can go in the front of the class and I’m not as intimidated to practice
my sign. I was talking about my partner and I was trying to say that she had two
roommates but I accidentally said that she had two machines so the signs are close. I was like oh wait a minute she doesn’t live with two machines,
she lives with two roommates. it’s a little bit more difficult because you
can’t learn out of a book so you’re relying on the professor to really know what they’re talking about and you really rely on working with your your fellow students to sign and practice together. That’s been a challenge but it’s been
successful So much fun, very enriching and rewarding I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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