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UTS Master of Strategic Communication

The new UTS Master of Strategic Communication is for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree who are looking to pursue careers in corporate or government or organisational communication. In an environment where we’re troubled with fake news, big data, digital technology, we’re designing degrees to prepare graduates for the future, not only for today. And to provide communication professionals who can work authentically, ethically as well as effectively. To be able to successfully advise your leaders on how best to communicate, you need to be strategic in the way that you think, you need to be able to draw on data and research and measurement and you need to be able to draw on communications theory to help ensure that your communications has real impact and these are all the things that a Master’s degree gives you. We’re living in a period of enormous change in media and communications technology, in the collection of data and how data is being used in our society. And for example, there’s a major focus, of course, on digital communication and preparing graduates, not only for today, but for the future. I certainly wouldn’t have had the career that I’ve enjoyed today without my Master’s degree from UTS.

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