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Using New iPad Text Selection Gestures with Zoom

on the iPad iOS 9 supports some new
multi-touch gestures for moving the cursor as well as for making quick
selections. these gestures use two fingers. for example here I can tap and hold with two fingers and as I drag around on the screen I can move the
cursor to the desired location. if I tap once again with two fingers that will select
the word that’s closest to the cursor and then if I tap and drag again I can
make a quick selection and this feature works well with a new shortcut bar that’s
available on the iPad here you can tap an icon to cut the text paste it and
then if I select the word I can also make it bold, italics or underline and a
great option here is that if you use Zoom you can actually have Zoom follow the
cursor if you have the follow focus feature enabled in the Settings. so here I am
going to enable Zoom and now as I tap with two fingers and drag Zoom will actually
follow the cursor as I move it around on the screen this is a handy new feature for moving
the cursor or selecting text quickly with multi-touch gestures and as I said
before it can work with Zoom if you have the Follow Focus option enabled in Settings.

One Reply to “Using New iPad Text Selection Gestures with Zoom”

  • Thank you for making this video.
    Until now I hated the text selection on my iPad.
    Turns out I simply did not know the most effective way to do it.

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