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Using Facial Expressions in Irish Sign Language

Using Sign Language, Irish Sign Language,
you can see that I’m using a lot of body movements, I’ve a lot of facial expressions, so when
you’re learning, if anyone is interested in learning Irish Sign Language you need to make
sure that you use a lot of your facial expressions because a lot of information comes on the
face. So like for example when you’re talking, you know and you’re asking somebody ‘what?’,
the tone of your voice will indicate the emotion behind it. So, deaf people express the tone
of their voice through facial expressions. So if we’re shocked at something and we’re
saying ‘what!?’ or if we’re asking somebody just ‘sorry, could you say that again, what
was that?’, you know, we have that tone though our facial expressions and sometimes, you
know, if I’m on a bus with my friends and we’re talking about something people think
we’re actually fighting sometimes because we’re so expressive but it’s not, we’re just
having a conversation. And hearing people sometimes don’t realize that, they think that
we’re fighting, we’re getting a bit aggressive. It also happens in pubs sometimes. If you
see a group of deaf people, you see hands everywhere, a lot of movement and people can
mistake that for aggressiveness sometimes, I’m sure it’s quite annoying actually for
hearing people sometimes, but if you do see that one you’ll understand from now on what
it is.

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