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Upcoming ASL Content – Sign Language Videos for Interpreters and Beginners

Hi, my name is Chris Gorges I’m a sign
language interpreter here in the Central Valley in California and I wanted to
start producing some content for this channel to really start building up
more support for those that are either already involved in the deaf community
or those that may be thinking about becoming involved, whether it’s learning
the language or wanting to become a sign language interpreter and make that as a
career or maybe you are already a sign language interpreter. If you’ve been in
the field of sign language interpreting you may have come across that it might
not be the most supportive environment so that’s something that I wanted to
change. I think that it would be really helpful and beneficial if we became more
supportive of one another, so that’s really the main goal and main purpose of
producing this content going forward. I wanted to start building that community
of support. So maybe you’re someone that is just beginning to learn sign language
or you’re thinking about learning sign language, so I wanted to create some
content that can really help that process go a little easier not only just
learning the basics or learning signs and vocabulary, but it can initially be
very exciting process but eventually we can hit a wall or we hit these
plateaus and I want to share some personal experiences of myself, my wife
and maybe a lot of others that have experiences those ups and downs and kind
of how to push through and just keep making that progress. Or maybe you’re
someone that is just beginning their career as a sign language interpreter or
you’re thinking about making it a career, that can be a very overwhelming process
right there in the beginning because not only are you learning a language but
you’re also trying to learn how to interpret, you’re learning different
situations are you going in to become an educational interpreter or are you going
to be interpreting for the community or are you going to be interpreting in
medical fields such as hospitals clinics dentists, a lot of that can be
overwhelming in the beginning and so I wanted to create some content that can
just make that process a little bit easier just share some stories and
experiences and I would love to hear from you as well what is it that you
wanted to get out of your career or what motivated
to become a sign language interpreter. So I would really love to hear back from
all of you, and also if you’re someone that has been in the field for a lot of
years as a sign language interpreter or just
very involved in the deaf community, not only would I really love to hear from
you your experiences some of the things that you would like to share with others
but also I wanted to create some content for you. Maybe you have been in education
and you’re just starting to interpret for medical or maybe you’re thinking
about getting more certifications there’s a lot out there, there’s the ESSE,
there’s the EIPA, there’s NIC provided through the NID, there’s just a lot of
acronyms, so I will I plan on going over those certifications and other videos of
breaking them down: where to get them, how much they cost, and what they can do for
your career, and also tips on how to pass them. Maybe you’re an educational
interpreter and your student is progressing through the grades and all
of a sudden you find yourself interpreting for classes that you’ve
never had to interpret before particularly those in the STEM fields it
can be very daunting to start interpreting for Microbiology or for
physics or for quantum physics, higher mathematics like algebra, calculus,
geometry. Each one of those subjects has their own set of vocabulary and
structure on how to explain that to a deaf student. So over the years it has
been a struggle but I would love to share some resources that I found very
useful in those fields and of course I don’t want to leave out the deaf, so many
of these videos will probably be in ASL first, and then voiced over and have
closed captions for the hearing. Not only is that showing love for the deaf but it
also will help you as an interpreter or maybe someone that’s just learning the
language to really kind of get your feet wet, and one of the best ways to really
dive into the language and to make that progress if you’re just learning sign
language or if you are writing an interpreter or are thinking about just
expanding your horizons and getting closer to the community. Going to deaf
events is a great way to do that and tomorrow, this Friday we will be hosting
a deaf event in Porterville, CA so if you happen to live in the area, if you’re in Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay,
Strathmore, please come on by and join us, it’s going to be tomorrow at 6 PM, at a Panera Bread. I’ll have some details linked in the description
below with the address, time, and everything that you need to know for it.
I would love to see you there in person again my name is Chris Gorges, my wife
Johnni Gorges will also be there and my little daughter that’s a 1 and a half
will be there as well. So please come by and be a part of the community. So just
one more thing before I leave the company I work for Fox interpreting is
actually looking for more interpreters, so if you’re someone that is just on the
fence or maybe thinking about making sign language interpreting a career,
please let me know. So hopefully I can start pushing out this content sooner
rather than later, I’m gonna try to force myself to put out content every
week. So I look forward to building up this channel with you, I want this to be
a cooperative thing and not just me talking to you. I want this to be a
community of support like I mentioned before, so if you found this video
helpful at all please leave a like and if you look forward to some of the
content that I’ll be producing in the future please consider subscribing, and
until next time thanks for watching, bye!

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