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Unturned Environmental DESTRUCTION! (New Gestures Too!)

*Boom* Hey guys MeLikeBigBoom here here and welcome to unturned This weeks update was awesome as always and i think especially awesome for myself included me being MeLikeBigBoom. This weeks update was entirely focused on destruction of objects. Now side from all that destruction aspect, there were a few minor little additions as well but ill go over that after after i actually take a look at how this destruction thing actually works. Now actually here are added tons of items that can be actually destroyed these are items that are added in level editor, so anything that already is in the map or modded maps if they are like one of these objects over there and ill go over every single destructible object a little bit, but basically they all will be destructible, so all these books can be destroyed so very cool and you can just destroy them like that, some things have more health than others, trash bags have a little bit more health you can also shoot them stuff like this, you can see just stuff destroyed, they just behave like barricades that you place down and they all have health and they can be destroyed, except these are objects that except these are objects that are placed in level editor and they spawn out in the world, so everything in this map is kinda dynamic. You can shoot these little fire hydrants and they puff water up *laughs* So when your driving around you no longer need to worry about driving around fences, you can just mash straight through them look at that, thought i would not recommend constantly doing that because it does damage your vehicle. *fence breaking* OH MY GOD! See that’s yeah, you need to …*explosion*…. yeah Now in extras folder of the unturned game file Nelson included this destruction map, you can copy actual maps folder to be able to play on it, but basically it includes every single destructible item in the game as currently stands right now. Look at alls this we have an extra two flags we have trash bags, cash registers water things,coffee things, computer monitors, posts and scientific equipment, hay and even these little targets you can shoot down. Picket fences, wooden fences, even solid wood fences, and then also cameras. So we can run into a bank like in payday 2 and shoot out all the cameras like that, they all have their own effects and sounds as well as you saw their electricity spewed out of the camera’s paper falls out of the books, these webs kinda shoot a little pieces of webs out of them and listen to the sound when you destroy a telephone. It’s so awesome ! Oh come on, I just have to try it. Oh yeah. Uh oh , Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, ooohhh o. They pretty much wrapps up everything about the new destuction aspect, but regarding those minor little additions to start we have two new awesome gestures check this out, we have facepalm, it’s so cool if you’re tired of people’s crap you can just facepalm them, and after a long day of face bombing you can now rest to sit down on the ground after a long days of work. And as you may already assumed that also allows you to sit down on couches and chairs like a… relatively normal person. And, now im not sure if this is a bug but u can walk while in the resting gesture and it’s very horrifying. *Scary music* Also there are now options for map makers regarding these sun rays has been updated on the official maps to give sun rays a little bit more of a yellow hue and i really like it to be honest, it makes everything fell all warm and fuzzy. Also the ViewModel tilts back and forth when you’re looking left and right, does make it a little bit more realistic, I like it a lot. Lastly the way gold service wrok has been tweaked a little bit as many of you guys know, gold used to be a little setting down here in regards to difficulty because they give you experience and items bonds but now that experience multipliers and spawn rates can be tweaked by the server owners. Gold servers doesnt really make much senre anymore to be a difficulties so now gold has been changes from a difficulty to a command. So now in commands.dat you can type in the word gold, and it will turn it in to a gold server. You can still have … You can still have your gold server on easy or normal or hard mode and have differrent combats and perspectives and stuff like that, but now in regards to a player they can now search in the gold menu by clicking this gold button here and it will pop-up the gold servers. And then they can refresh internet and i’ll see all regular servers like that. Anyway, that pretty much wraps up everything in unturned, there were few very minor improvements and tweaks and fixes that did not cover in this video but if you guys like to check those out, as always i will put the full update post in the description down below, thank you guys SO much for watching, Rate, Comment, Subscribe. And do all that giberish, because MeLikeBigBoom … Is out!

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