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Unnao Rape Victim Burnt Alive

On 5th December 2019, in Uttar Pradesh’s village Unnao district. A 23-year-old woman was set on fire by five men. Let me tell you what happened. Earlier in March, the woman had filed a rape case against two men. For the ongoing case she was headed to a court in UP’s Raebareli district on 5th December 2019. She was at the railway station waiting, when five men accosted her, and forced her to take her complaint back. The girl refused to withdraw her complaint. The men continued to force her and there was a big argument. Out of the five men, one was the man who had raped her. They kept forcing her but she said no. That’s when they put Kerosene on her and set her on fire. After she was put fire, she ran for 1km asking people to help her but no one helped her. The police then arrived and took her to the hospital but 90% of her body was covered in burns. The 5 men were arrested by the police. On friday 6th December 2019, the woman died in a Delhi hospital due to her severe burns. The 23-year-old woman’s family said that she has suffered a lot. The rapist continuously threatened her and her family. Her family said that the two rapists gave her death threats and threatened her to withdraw her case. When she was taken to the hospital for her burns, before she died, she told her brother that her last wish was that after she dies, she wanted her rapist to get the death sentence. You know that Hyderabad is known as the Biryani Capital of India and Mumbai is known as Business Capital of India. Now UP’s Unnao village has been called the Rape capital of India. This is because in that small place, in one year there were 86 cases of rape. This is why Unnao is called the Rape Capital of India. The people of Unnao have complained that, the police is useless and they do nothing to help. They are all corrupt and are puppets of the politicians and will do what the politicians order. They are doing nothing to help people. People have blamed the UP government for not keeping the state safe for women.

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