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How To Learn Sign Language

University of Georgia American Sign Language Certificate Course Video

Hello my name is Ashia James And I am the American Sign Language Instructor if you were interested in learning ASL
(American Sign Language) for personal or professionally reasons, then this is of course for you. We will start from the very beginning learning the basics. Such as a_b_c_’s , numbers , colors , weekdays , and simple phrases such as:
“Hello” “How are you?” “What is your name?”. We will work on building vocabulary for sentence construction while acquiring a basic knowledge of def culture. This course will allow for plenty of
opportunity for you to practice your expressive and receptive skills in a relaxed atmosphere. So come join us, have fun,
learning American Sign Language at U_G_A.
See you later.

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  • I enjoy learning American Sign Language.  Dr. Ashia James has been my teacher since level 1.  Now I'm almost done with level 4.

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