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Universal Gesture Controlled Interface for Your Wrist – GyroPalm

This is GyroPalm a wireless companion that lets you control
virtually any electronic device GyroPalm is an affordable, reliable, and developer
friendly platform that allows anyone to control devices such as electronics appliances computers and robotics – with the flick of the wrist. GyroPalm can simplify and improve
your daily activities. Users can adequately use this product
with just four or five simple motions. Gyropalm’s patented gesture system is the
first of its kind, featuring an inertial measurement unit with 9 degrees of freedom as well as an impressive long-distance low-latency transceiver that allows you to
connect with devices up to 3,000 feet. At home, GyroPalm is a universal interface
that puts you in control of your car garage smart-lock thermostat TV and other appliances. There is no need to walk up and down the stairs
numerous times a day anymore! You can also define customizable gestures
with a few waves of your hand! GyroPalm offers various plug-and-play accessories
such as wireless outlets, smart bulbs, dimmers, and wall switches that turn your house into
a smart-home! You can also use GyroPalm to fly a drone control your phone take photos play video games control your slides control your media player [music playing] and drive robots. A smart-watch lets you control your phone only your phone. GyroPalm is more than a smart-watch. In fact, it lasts longer than most smart-watches
on a single charge. Best of all, you can do everything with one-hand navigation! With GyroPalm, you can also receive smartphone
notifications pick up your calls track your steps What if you’re not at home? GyroPalm is an IoT enabled wearable, meaning
you can control your electronic devices with your wrist from anywhere in the world. GyroPalm can be configured in the simple to
use mobile or desktop app. GyroPalm is ready to use out of the box. However, developers who want even more control
and customization have access to a free IDE with coding tutorials and a friendly community. Our premium product features durable Gorilla
Glass, IP55 water resistance , interchangeable watch straps, and our patented multi-protocol
wireless system. Just like any other wearable, GyroPalm is
capable of time-keeping, calendar events, weather, and even two-factor authentication. Hi, my name is Dominick Lee I’m the founder and CEO of GyroPalm Our vision is to make GyroPalm
accessible and available for everyone We’ve worked extremely hard to bring you an extraordinary product that can improve the way you interact with the world Your support is very important for the mass production and fabrication of GyroPalm We hope you’ll bring GyroPalm to life and be the first to try our revolutionary product GyroPalm – the universal remote for your wrist!

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