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Unique technology will make gesture control more accurate

Instead of having a traditional radar
system that is designed for detecting big chunks of metal flying
around in the air, we have developed a pulsed coherent millimeter wave radar. With this we can use to track hand movements in front of the radar. For example for gesture
control of electronic devices. To the best of my understanding Google
system is more of a traditional radar system scaled down to work in a
small space. We believe that the pulsed radar in the end will be the most accurate way to determine distance to the object. In conjunction with
all the other imaging information this will be winner we think. Well, I think it will be much more intelligent where we have sensors
reading what we do and how we behave and what we want. For instance I would like
to have a coffee machine that recognize me directly and gives me the right cup of coffee at the time of being by just giving a simple
gesture by moving to the coffee machine. I think the key is issue is how this
will be perceived by the consumers if they like the feature or not. I think
this will be a key driver for the technology

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