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Understanding the colored checkmarks on

hello welcome back to ASLdeafined right next to me I have Kelly hello and we’re going to talk about the colored checkmarks which I’m going to log in to mr. Gary Smith’s account he’s in my third hour class not really and I always do the login name is three dot Smith Gary in that way later on we’ll talk about when you pull the spreadsheet everything is lined up per class and per last name it’s a wonderful feature on ASLdeafined so I will be logging in to mr. Gary I don’t want to save it as a username password even though I made it up so we’re gonna look at lessons and this is really important because we have teachers contacting us all the time and wondering the best way to score students accounts and I truly believe that this is the best way now I grade based on the completion of the lesson and not per activity that’s pretty cumbersome and I don’t want to do that so if you look here on all lessons for Gary he has one green checkmark he has one yellow one and he has one red one so what do those mean so the green means 80% and above on all activities you get a green checkmark the yellow one one or more activity is below eighty percent but above sixty percent then they get a yellow one the red one means one or more activity is below sixty percent and they get a red one now as a teacher I can visually see what is done in terms of how they did in the lessons based on the colored checkmarks I do believe this is the best way now also what I do is I just call the students and I use a system where if their last name is let’s say A through E I will call them up on Monday and they will show me their checkmarks and I’ve put it right in the book it’s pretty easy that way it takes me all of maybe five minutes to run through all of A through E now on Tuesday do F through J etc then I do K through O on Wednesday and whatnot so it’s really super easy to do and it’s super easy to visually to see how well they’re doing now you’ll have some students and you’ll like you know you got a red one or you got a yellow one and I just ask the students to redo it now what’s really super cool is this you go to the dashboard you will see the attempts made per lesson or per activity and so like Deaf culture one Gary poor Gary he had a redo it again but he had two attempts on Deaf culture one attempt on math number challenge and the alphabet just one time so that’s a super awesome to see how many attempts that he has done so with a fantastic feature again you have the colored checkmark so you have green you have yellow and you have red a great visual for any teacher thanks again for listening

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