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How To Learn Sign Language

Understand Baby Sign Language : Learn When to Start Baby Sign Language

Hi, this is Nicki with baby signs on behalf
of Expert Village. And in this clip we’ll talk about when to get started signing with
your baby. Now that you’ve heard about some of the benefits and you may be wondering how
hard it is? Well I’m here to tell you it’s not hard at all. When would you get started?
Well you can start anytime at birth, in fact you start talking to your baby at birth and
you don’t expect them to talk back, that same way you can start signing to your child. But
you at least want to get started by the time your child is 8 or 9 months old. Because that
way they already made the understanding of words, they just can’t tell you back what
it is that they want to tell you. Some of the easy signs to get started with are the
mealtime signs. I’ve already shown you the sign for eat, or Bebo did. Eat is one easy
sign to show you. You can start with mealtime as a time to get started with signing with
your baby and then you can also show them the sign milk. That’s one of the things that
you can sign with your baby. If you have missed the boat, you feel like oh my gosh, 8 or 9
months, my baby is already older than that, 12 months old or older, don’t worry you can
actually start anytime as long as your baby isn’t actually speaking to you quiet clearly
yet or they say some words and they have many more words they want to say to you, anytime
is a good time to get started but it’s never too late.

3 Replies to “Understand Baby Sign Language : Learn When to Start Baby Sign Language”

  • It is unfortunate that people see themselves in an exclusive manner. – This woman is offering information that many find very useful. I have been asked this same question countless times as my 20 month old has around 700 signs now and is intriguing to most who come in contact with her when she signs, especially when they find out she is hearing.

  • Furthermore, who here is qualified to determine whether she is qualified or not? Her signs are true ASL (which is only what Americans use) so what is the problem?

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