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How To Learn Sign Language


My background changed!😅 Hello hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel Before this video starts, please turn on the captions [CC] which means you can understand what I’m saying about this video So, what to do about this video? This is another new video called…. Unboxing a small mystery box which is at Stationary themed box Today I’m doing something kinda exciting maybe not sure… that I’ve never done it before. I was bored here today, (oops) I almost opened the box so badly But I still haven’t find out to see whats the inside (Why do I sign “what” in asl?) then I had a feeling, I wanted to share it in front of you guys in this vlog Let’s find out whats inside
but first,please be sure to click the subscribe button if you want us to do more upcoming videos please give this a thumb up again,please give this a thumb up if you guys want to see whats inside, curious? haha please keep on watching, also don’t forget to follow me through my social media, facebook and instagram Should we start now? Let’s go!! wohoo Can’t you see clearly? here is.. It says, Thank you so much Hmm I don’t know.. I’ll be putting the Instagram account in the description below where I bought it, Also if you want to try this challenge for yourself Now I’m going to open!! I think I don’t want to *see all things* but I will show you every one thing before I find out I wanted to see all the inside badly! The total’s Php357…oh what? really I bought Php250 ??? I don’t know where I read Ugh,I’m confused.. No time to read, it’s a good idea I will put the text here this is cute tape 😍 aww this is cute! I’ll test it out now Can’t tell what it is, hehe Sticky Memo Pad 20 Sheets x 4 Designs I absolutely like the design 😍 there’s 3 more? It’s only 4 tapes? there’s some more open Memo Me Sticky Memo beautiful colors It has a 6 colors set I don’t know it says there’s chinese language? 😱 AH, This is exactly what I’ve wanted,right now. My FAV CCS! Know what it means? It’s the Card captor Sakura Her name is Sakura Can’t see it clearly? I really love it!! 🤩 Sakura Glittered Pencil Case php 75 it’s empty Yeah I also love the glitter 💗 that’s it for all today’s video. So I hope y’all enjoyed today’s video. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you next video, Bye-byee!

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