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Tyra Banks’ 3-Year-Old Son Is Already Speaking His 4th Language (EXCLUSIVE)

the extensive roof top video. But we also talked mom life and her 3-year-old son York.>>I’m 45 minutes late to work because my son was up all night last night. Mommy, I want to play, mommy. Mommy, what you doing? I want to play. Honey, it’s 3:00 in the morning. Mommy, don’t leave my bed. Go back to bed. I’m going to be crying when he’s 8 and says get out of my bed so let me cherish the love momma moment.>>Exactly. I hear he’s very smart for his age. Is he speaking three languages?>>Yes, he speaks Norwegian and English and now adds a little French.>>What are you saying, I don’t understand?>>And besides mom duty, Tyra is back in the modeling world. Just this spring at 45 she returned to the cover of “Sports illustrated” swimsuit issue 20 years later.>>You took a break from modeling.>>Yes.>>Coming back to the cover of “Sports illustrated,” which you look fire, by the way. You look amazing. Do you feel this is the best Tyra right know?>>I feel like this is the most free me.>>What would you look for if you’re trying to date? And what’s the best way to get to that point?>>Well, it’s not a dm situation. That’s the worst. I dated somebody from a dm>>Really?>>I dated someone off and on for a while and they were kind of famous.>>Really?>>Yeah, you just slid into mind, I bet you’re sliding left and right. Sliding dm’ing and dm’ing and dm’ing. I didn’t understand what it was back then. It was a while ago. And ew.>>So no dms, number one.

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