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How To Learn Sign Language

Two Websites for ASL vocabulary

Good afternoon parent ASL class. Today, I
would like to show you a couple of web sites since more and more of you have been asking
for some kind of handout or a book that I would suggest for learning ASL outside of
class. So the first one I would like to take you to is and the reason I
am wanting to show you this website as well as the other one is because printed material
is getting two dimensional and you’re not going to be able to have the motions seen
as well as you can with a video. This is a free website as you can see here, they are
asking for donations, but that is not required in order to use the site, so the first place
I would like to take it down to the middle of the screen where they have lots of other
features here. They”ve got a religious dictionary, conversational dictionary, ASL for babies
dictionary they put together quizzes for you, they have a finger spelling quiz, but the
place I would like to take you first here to actually look at is the main dictionary
so we click on link here to main dictionary starting with the A words, as you can see
there is quite a list here so you click on the B and the first word is baby so click
on the word baby and when you look over here to the middle of the screen you will see the
lady here moving her hands in the motion to sign baby so to see the signing of the word
baby either click on the word over to the left or you come over to this device here
for clicking and you can click the forward arrow just like on a VCR and again you can
see the video play again. Some other words I would like to show you and wanted to make
sure I showed you from the letter R when the letter R comes up we will scroll to the bottom
of the list because we are looking for one near the end the words we are looking for
run. Of each of the words listed, you see it listed until we see the word run. Then
we have it listed a total of seven times. The reason is because each one is for a different
concept. this one is for a person running this one is for a four legged animal to run.
Here is the sign for a car engine running down to the cold season and you have your
nose run so there is all different kinds of concepts you can have for the sign for run
so you need to be sure you are using the correct one. I can think of a couple of others that
are not listed here but before we go onto that we will move onto another website I wanted
to show you which is signing savvy and it came up already s i g n i n g s a v v y . c
o m and right off the bat you see this search sign language dictionary box here but that
is for people that have subscribed to this website and we will be using the free section
so we will browse by letter we will go ahead and browse. On this website they show the
letters with finge rspelling A B C D all the way through Z using your hand for finger spelling
the words so lets go ahead and look up the same two words we looked up on the other web
site to compare to see if they are the same so we will go to the B words scroll down and
lets find baby there is the sign for baby and it will pop up here and as you can see
the man showing us the sign for baby just like the other website one nice thing about
this website is they say the English equivalent rather than calling it the word they call
it the English equivalent for baby they also have available for members that pay for using
the website they put it in a sentence a description of the sign and how to do it an aid in how
to sign it and then a lot of times they will have an alternative versions this one says
ASL 1 they have just the one sign or you can finger spell it so on this one it is the same
as the other they will have different alternates for when they have more than one way on how
to sign it so this is the signing savvy website and this website shows more signs like we
do here is southern california so I highly suggest you look at this site as well

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