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Two Telemundo hosts SUSPENDED for making racist eye gesture on air – 247 news

Two Telemundo hosts have been suspended for making racist gestures during South Korea’s victory over Germany at the World Cup  Celebrity chef James Tahhan, 29, and meteorologist Janice Bencosme, 33, have been placed on indefinite suspension after they made slant-eye gestures on air  The two hosts of Un Nuevo Dia sparked outrage when they were caught on camera pulling their eyes to the side in a pejorative sign towards Koreans on Wednesday They were removed from their positions soon afterwards.’We are extremely disappointed with our morning show contributors James Tahhan’s and Janice Bencosme’s gestures referring to the South Korean national soccer team,’ Telemundo said in a statement  ‘Our company takes this kind of inappropriate behavior very seriously, as it is contrary to our values and standards,’ the statement added  The clip of their offensive gestures was widely shared on Twitter displaying Tahhan and Bencosme in Mexico jerseys alongside several other guests on morning show Un Nuevo Dia where they celebrated Mexico’s progress into the last 16, thanks to South Korea’s win Tahhan seems to be leading the antics, making the slant-eye gesture which Bencosme later imitates while laughing  The Venezuelan chef later apologized to the Asian community on Twitter, saying he had shown a ‘lack of sensitivity’  ‘During the celebration for the classification of Mexico, I made a mistake and made an inappropriate and insensitive gesture towards the Asian community,’ he posted Wednesday  ‘It was a lack of sensitivity on my part. I admit that I did something wrong and wanted to apologize to anyone who was offended by it Share this article Share ‘The World Cup is a great opportunity to bring together friends, strangers, families and entire countries, and not to divide our communities ‘Bencosme also shared her own apology. ‘Sorry. I want to apologize to the public for my behavior yesterday after the game between Mexico and South Korea,’ she said  ‘My gesture, besides being inappropriate, was offensive to the Asian community. I was wrong and I want to offer my sincere apologies,’ she added Viewers slammed the two on Twitter, with one telling the network: ‘Explain what chef James was doing when he mocked the Korean people this morning? Racism is OK on your shows?’ Another said: ‘Some Spanish speaking host on Telemundo was pulling on his eyes after the Korea game when will people stop being ignorant?’  Another comment said: ‘In a world that desperately demands respect for our Latinos, [these] pretentious clowns are misrepresenting and entire community with this racist remark ‘ And Miguel Hernandez wrote: ‘Whoever this guy is on the left needs to get fired ASAP for being a racist on air ‘ Germany’s failure to beat South Korea meant Mexico reached the knockout round of the World Cup despite their 3-0 defeat to Sweden on Wednesday   Earlier in the tournament Diego Maradona came under fire for making a similar gesture while he watched his former side Argentina play South Korea  The BBC’s Jacqui Oatley said: ‘Some South Korea fans just shouted “Diego” and he obliged with a smile, kiss and wave  ‘Then pulled his eyes to the side in a clearly racist gesture. All of us who saw it are stunned ‘  Mexico fans were also charged by FIFA after they were heard using an anti-gay slur during their opening fixture against Germany   

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  • This wasn’t just a rude gesture against the Asian Community but an offensive gesture against anyone who cares about humanity. What are they five? Who does this? I don’t understand how they can be so utterly ignorant! I was cheering for Mexico in the World Cup but now those good feelings are gone. I don’t want to hear how nothing racist was meant by this gesture, either you’re racist or stupid, choose one. #anyonebutmexico⚽️

  • this is. hands down no question the most disgusting psychopathic thing i 've ever witnessed in my 29 years of life living in earth. but before anything here is the catch. the most important question to ask is did this person who made the gesture know that the action was a sign of mockery or did he have no clue but the thing that came up in his head when he thought about koreans is that their eyes are kind of ripped. he might have done that to i dont know as a sense of humor with an intention to give friendly laughter to koreans. if he had no idea that it was a mock then this whole sitiation changes. as a korean myself, if the intention of that person was to give laughter in a friendly way then i would have absolutely no problem even though it doesn t change the fact that it is a disgusting mockery. someone just needs to let him know that it is a mock. every country let alone different states in certain countries have traditions that only they know. in other words i can do something in my country that is a totally kind mannered thing but if i do the same act in another country, it could be the most rude act. but here is where i have a big doubt as to his intentions being good. this ripping of eye act has happened several times not long time ago but very recently. for example there was a columbia vs replubic of korea game i belief last year where korea won 2-1 and after the game one of the players from columbia did the ripping of eyes act in front of the korean players with the intention of mockery. espn analysts after the game televised that they thought that player should be punished very heavily for this and they thought it was disgusting. i belief he was suspended for few games. and another act of this happened last year in the world series houston astros batter Gurriel ripped his eyes after he hit a home run off of maeda or darvish i forgot who it was but it was an asian pitcher for sure. and after the game this became a very big controversy and Gurriel apologized by taking off his hat and bowing as a sign of apology the next time he faced darvish. my question is this. did that person in this clip not see probably the one of the most viewed world series in history last year or he did not hear about it in espn? if he trully didnt which i hope then i have absolutely no problem with it he just needs to find out about it that it is a mock but if he knew this was a mock and intentionally grab his eyes in a riilpping manner then i think he's definitely on coke, meth or some type of crazy heavy drugs or he just has a disgusting illusioned way of showing gratitude to not just the soccer team but the country that saved their sorry ass from getting eliminated because korea won Germany by 2-0 even though they got their ass whooped by Sweden. if they won Sweden not even by 2-0 but by 1-0 we wouldve advanced with them but i guess we saved them but they couldnt save us.

  • Lmfao! They got the nerve to be racist? My turn! Mexican are probably one of the stupidest people in world.

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