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Twitter Promotes BJP Helpline with Crazy Offers

On 4th January 2020, in India on Twitter people were talking about this toll free number that gave amazing offers to people when they called on it. There were offers such as free watches, free data plans and Netflix subscriptions. There was another special offer. Calling on the number would even give you the opportunity to meet women who want to have sex with you. However it was then found that calling on this number would not give any of these offers. It was completely fake! How did it happen? Well, on 2nd January 2020, the BJP had Tweeted an image with the same number. In the image, the BJP has asked people to give a missed call on the phone number to gather maximum support for the CAA. The number was then used on social media to call on this number by giving lucrative offers. They did so that people would call and BJP would gather more support for the CAA. Another Tweet on Twitter offered a very special offer for calling on the number. The offer was to meet Sunny Leone. So if you want to meet her and take selfies with her call on this number. Another Tweet said, if a person called on the number they could get free Amazon Prime & Netflix Subscriptions. If people want to enjoy watching movies for a year, they can call on this number. However Netflix Tweeted and said that this is completely fake. Usually when a person pay for the one year subscription, they shared the ID with others so everyone can enjoy it. However we are not offering anything for free. This is completely fake. People must be extremely careful on social media, while calling on numbers to avail special offers. Be careful before calling on any number or sending an email, first please verify if its true or not.

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