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How To Learn Sign Language

Twelve strategies in Oral Communication.

One of the biggest sources of Misunderstandings in communication breakdowns language by understanding what? Strategies are healthy We can help resolve problems and communicate method English Studies show that the following are those twelve strategies that speakers commonly resort to when communication problems arise One message abandonment You live the message and finish because of language difficulties who stop it avoidance You try not to talk about concepts difficult for you to express 3c fool low creature you describe or paraphrase the target object or action for Approximation you use an alternative point cheap to express the meaning of the target word sale as closely as possible by use of all-purpose words to expand a general word poop context where certain words are nothing like the Overuse of the words ping stop make no what do you call it? What is this? Six words on a page you create a new English word based on what you know of the way English works Like major colonies, which is mapped in the dictionary for major panel Seven use of nonverbal means you mind guest you’ll use facial expression and Kitty made some to express the meaning you want a literal translation You translate a word or an idiom from your mother tongue English using the structure of your first language 9 for 19 we use the word in your native language, but pronounce it like English and co-teaching you use the native word or expression for the English that expresses the meaning you 111 appeal for help as other students for your feature for her when you do not know or forget some words structures or idioms the use of fillers or Hesitation device you use spelling words You La Table bunga bunga end Go again, put the lucky bunny

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