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How To Learn Sign Language


Hey guys, it’s Bri and today I’m going to be talking about why I don’t do tutorials I do not usually make speaking videos But I decided to today because I’ve gotten some requests in the comments about doing tutorials on my sign language videos And so I’m just going explain why I don’t. I am using as my resource for the information I’m just going to read it off ASL is the language of the deaf community. It only exists because of deaf people. It is cultural appropriation to use the language of the deaf community to make money for your institution without including deaf people in the instruction and provision of those classes. When hearing people are chosen to teach ASL, it is a form of ableism and audism we must emphasize hearing people teaching ASL classes when there are deaf people who are willing and able to teach contributes to the systemic oppression of deaf people”. If you don’t know what ableism and audism means Ableism is the discrimination against people with disabilities or in favor of those without disabilities. Audism is the notion that one is superior based on ones ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hears Basically what the websites are saying and what I am saying is that a hearing person should not do tutorials or teach anything to do with sign language because it offends the deaf community I make sign language videos to help me learn signs and remember signs I do not make videos to teach other people signs. I am not in the position to teach sign language I will never teach sign language and I’m never going to do a tutorial. I know that a lot of people did not know that, but I am addressing the people in the comments who wanted me to make tutorials so… bye!

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