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TSL Plays: Reverse Alphabet Questions Only

My baby… You forget everything??!! Welcome to another episode of TSL PLays! Today we’re going to play Reversed Alphabet Questions Only! Here are the rules! We? We are? (I’m touched) Z…Z…Z… Huh? Why you touch me? HELLO! RAINER! What is Z…Z…Z…? Z…Z…Z…! That’s sleeping!
That doesn’t count! Yes it counts! Wait! Producer meeting! Zuo mo! (What!) What the hell! Do I know you? You don’t know meh? Out! Xenia? HAHAHA! Xenia? Who are you? So dark cannot see! Wear your specs! Where are your specs? Very, very scared! Who are you??? Understand you’re scared but – do you not know who I am? To be honest… I don’t know who you are but… who are you??? Really don’t know meh? Out! Really don’t know meh??
Yes! Right? Ah… Peps! Nevermind. Good job! Steven ah! You don’t know who is Steven? Really? Is it the boy from my secondary school? Quite a long time ago.. We sat together, here in the theatre. Do you remember? Please remind me. Is it… When we were going out on a date? Oh no! You forgot? No one else reminded me what! I don’t know who you are actually…how? My baby… AHHH!!! You forget everything?! You’re making me cry now! Last time you’re not so creepy one… How come you are now so creepy! Knock it off! Please! Where’s your question? K lor… not you complan is it? Just as you were saying that… I suddenly remembered… Is it! We went out? Before? I don’t know leh! Maybe during secondary school? HUH? So young we go out? Go.. Go have lunch what! You forgot meh? Chicken rice leh! Forgot leh… Which chicken rice stall? Out! AH!!! I know its ‘E’ but I cannot continue the sentence! Red team won! Yay! Wah! Very scary ~~~ Zuo mo you like that one ah! (Why are you like that!) You cannot see the tissue paper here? Huh? I chope already ah! You… said… what? You “chope”? What’s a “chope”? Xavier! Just now… I ask you to…Why you never look! My friend chope for me! Who is Xavier? What are you talking about? I don’t understand! I’m clueless right now! Could I please just eat in peace? Blue team cheat! Very, very, very ignorant! You come Singapore but never learn our culture! Understanding the Asian culture, what are you taking about? I don’t know! What are you saying? Is this yours? This is mine! I put here, means it’s my one! This is my place! So you own-
Out! No!
Where’s the question? Loser! Blue team always cheat! This one my one you don’t know? *stammers* Out! So many times that I have said this is my seat okay? Do you not understand english? Really meh you got say how many times? Quite a lot of chance. Do you know how to count? Pretty sure I know how to count leh… Do you know how to count? Of course! I… I… I studied in Cambridge! I would know! How about you? Where did you study? Not your business. Why don’t you mind your own business? Mind my own business? You’re the one who’s disturbing me! Can you just go away please? Come… Where you live? I go and find your mother. You think I don’t know what you’re saying? Just because you’re angmoh you think you can be rude to aunty? I… think… I have the right to be rude to you. Because, this is my table. You just came here and disturbed me. HA HA HA! PD: Question Out! Yes Peps! Is it because I’m angmoh? HA HA HA You think you funny? Go away aunty! Because this is my table. And I sat here so I should sit down. Isn’t it? For your own sake- you… still want to be rude to me? Every time all these aunties are so rude and everything. Um…. Is this the Singapore you guys stay in? Don’t stereotype! You don’t know how to behave meh? Can you just let me eat in peace? Bo…pian… (No choice) Can you leave now? Aunty, you are so rude. I just want to eat okay? WOAH Blue team won this round. Is it because I’m red team? Zoo keeper- me me me! Can help me take my key? You wait ah! I call my mummy okay? Xiao di! (Young boy) Don’t go there! You listen to me a not, can take my key? Wait I need to tell my mummy you wait first okay? Very very easy one. Can you see it’s just there! Understand but- I cannot talk to strangers. My mummy say I cannot talk to strangers So I call my mummy first- Can you wait here for a while? Maybe 5 minutes. Talk so much. Nevermind. Just take my keys, it’s just there. Can you see? *Shhhhhh* Cannot hear anything! You talk too much! Ok I get the key for you. Wait-
But do you know how to use the key? Really are you asking me this question? The lion coming after me already you cannot see? The queue very long. I didn’t see the lion in the zoo. Wrong. It’s ‘Q’? Out! Quiet! Don’t shout at me I’m very stressed. Where’s the lion I want to see! Pui la it’s just there faster can you help me! Orange colour lion is it? Or is it the pink colour one over there? Or green? No you cannot see? It’s the yellow one! Must be the yellow colour one? But then I’ve never seen a yellow colour lion before. You are lying right? Little one. Small baby one. Faster can you help me? K-
Out! AH! How many times do y’all want to put me through this! Kingfisher??? Ah there’s also a kingfisher I want to see can? Just help me can a not? Can you see the lion there? I… I want to see the kingfisher- can you show me? Haiyo… Little girl… please help me can? Giraffe! Ah! Aiyo the giraffe so cute! I love it. Oh can I take it home? Freaking heck can you just help me open the door? Eh? What are you talking about? Open what door? Dear ah- You see that key over there? Can you point to me it’s which one? There got- 5 keys. Blue one. Can see there? Ah. Okay. Maybe I can take for you- and then you open and let me see the animal? Okay! You guys are power la! And the winner is… the Blue team! Yay! Bam bam bow! Wow. Damn stress this game! You’re thinking about acting the character out- and thinking about reversing the alphabet. Like who even learns the alphabet like that? Then you have to ask questions. You know how we memorise? Last time- Remember your Nokia phone? We go and see the number pad and memorise. But did it work Bolin? Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. Remember to like share and subscribe and watch all our other videos over there. See you!

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