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TSL Plays: Reverse Alphabet Conversation 2.0

Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of TSL plays! Today we’re going to be
playing reverse alphabet conversation part 2! Here are the rules. In this game, players will be split into two teams. Every round, they will be given
a scenario to act out. At any time, only one player from each team will compete. Players have to converse in sentences, reverse alphabetically. For example, Zachary is such a cool guy! Yes! How do you know him? Xylophone club! We used to perform together! The trick to this is to picture the Nokia handphone. I cannot.The key pad. Just throw it backwards. Okay, what is your team name? 1, 2, 3! MEAT! It is team backwards! You say us… Like reverse it. Meat! Team! Meat! Team! Let’s be honest, who is the meatiest? Hon-iest! I didn’t say anything! You say eh! 1,2,3! DA BLUE! Da ba dee da! Me first! Me first! Me first! I’m going first! Ah pui, let me go first! Let me go first! Let me go first! Oi! Reverse la! Oi! Oi! Jonathan Paul! Zack! I need to go to the toilet first. Yes, but it is my turn first! Xenia took so long in the toilet just now. I need to go to the toilet now! What are you saying? What! i gave up. Oh my god! You said vat! Like, vat the hell? Why you so annoying? Vile, you are! Let me go to the toilet. I’m younger than you. Understand, but I’m very urgent. Toilets are meant for little girls to use before their elder brothers. Stupid la. Let me go first la! Remember, I am such an innocent little daughter of our parents and they love me so much. So, you should love me as much and let me go to the toilet first! Queen meh? Need to let you go first. WR-ONG!! Nice! Pee, pee, very urgent. Ok la, ok la. But on one condition, No! No condition! Mummy! You see! Yes yes! Jonathan Paul! You really! Eh wait, did y’all lose already? Oh ya! Oh yeah! Time to redeem yourself, Jonathan Paul.
It was worth it! You’ve got to come here! Good stuff! Zachary, aiya I don’t know your name la. Come here, come here. Used tissue! Used tissue! Yes, what are you trying to sell me used tissue for? Xenia say this is very good. You know whose one anot? So No!! Who sia? Very good one leh. It’s Beyonce! Uh huh, then? So what? Why should I buy it? Then, then?! You know who is Beyonce anot? Seriously, who doesn’t know who Beyonce is? Remember those day when you were younger? Then you “woo!” at her concert! Quit kidding me, no way! Please la, kid you for what? I really selling. This one, she like *blows her nose* sneeze. This is her tissue Oh my god. Where did you get it from? My… Mother knows… Wrong! Oh no! Oh no, what is it, O? It’s N. Very stressful!
What pain, what fears are kept inside? What’s that sound sia? Not important, what you need to know is that it is real! My goodness! Authenticity is not important? Let’s get this verified. K, how? Just bring it to the verifier. I don’t think that sounds very credible. How you know? I’m the expert here. I can show you the verifier. Joyce out. I tried, guys. It’s really very hard. Girl, I think I know my shit. For goodness sake, then give me the money, I’ll give you the tissue paper. Everything you are trying to sell me, I know it’s fake Destiny calls to you. This is a tissue paper. Can you stop trying to scam me? Boy. If you don’t get this right, I’ll give it to the next person. Amen, this guy has got to go. So the winner is…. It’s a tie! Wah, my heart is beating freaking fast. Ya, just now I also. Mom! Mom! Mommy! Zuo Mo (why) Auntie Magret got baby?
Mommy! You so busybody ah, like to know this kind of things. Xi wen in school, told me that for men and women to have baby, they must sleep together. Who is Xi wen? Joyce out! Oh my god! Very Curious ma! Understand, ok. Giving birth, you must have two person in love. Two people? When they are in love, what happens? So, when they are in love, they sleep together lo! Right! So, what happens when they sleep together? Question is, when you sleep together, y’all very close right? You very close, what do you do? Party uh! Of course! You party first, then you off the lights. Correct? Nevermind about the lights. You can party with the lights on. My goodness! Is that why my electricity bills are so expensive? Because you always never off the lights. Lights turn on, good what. Kidding me? But ok, mommy and daddy don’t like to turn on the lights when we sleep. Just like that? You sleep with the lights on? Wrong out!. Wrong, is it wrong? No, it doesn’t make sense already. Oh my god! I have no idea where we were going with that. Jokes aside mommy. How did I come about? I told you already. Mommy and daddy sleep on the bed. turn off the lights, then very hot. So, we take off our clothes lo! Huh? So, you take off the clothes and I appear? Goodness. We take off the clothes, then we do something la. You guess? Finding out what it is…. Hmmm… I cannot guess eh. Enjoy yourself. Something about enjoying youself. Then you push, then you come out already. Daddy says something else happens during the enjoying. What is it ah? I cannot. That got you?? I don’t know how to continue. Cannot say one la. You just guess la. but how to guess? Can you please tell me, specifically. Alamak! Too soon. Nevermind, too late already. So, we won? Ya, she win already. Alamak can reply to everything. Hey! Hey! HEY! Zack Synder, the movie got lens flare. Sometimes, you cannot see the things you want to see. You are really creepy. Why did you just approach me and say that? I don’t know! Xiao jie (miss), I’m not creepy. I am a good man. I just want to tell you what i saw. Why are you here? Very much because I saw something that shouldn’t be seen, that is on you! Underwear? The place where you wear your… clothes to cover the most important area. So, you are looking at me? Right, I am looking at you. Queer little man you are. PLEASE! I am a good man. I am telling you what I saw and I don’t want it to be seen by others. Is that why you just winked at me? Why you say “is that why’? Wrong button. Wrong button! Why I do that? I don’t know why! I don’t know why Joyce, I also don’t know why. You skip about 6 to 7 alphabets. I was like woah! I turn off the alphabet department. Okay, so what is it that you saw? No, no, no. Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry. I’m a nice man! I saw your panties. Yep. My goodness! Why are you looking at my panties! Look, look calm down. Your panties can be seen by everybody. Because your skirt is kind of stuck. I don’t know what to say already. I very pressured. I cannot. You are totally off eh. Even the previous one, you said goodness right? No, he said my goodness. No god please! No! No! Ra? Sorry I went into the mood of the hostage. But you are not the hostage. You are the robber. Oh my god, I’m the hostage? Why are you unbuttoning your shirt? I’m trying to like, seduce the the robber. Robber, please look at me. I’m innocent. Zack?
Aren’t you my friend from school? Xiao jie, I don’t know who you are. I just want your money. Why you say xiao jie? It’s Y! You are holding on to his neck ah, strangling him. You are strangling me? Stop getting excited la. You keep quiet. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Xenia, my wife. We got a baby on the way. Why does that matter to me? You keep quiet or you are going to die. Vile… vile you are. For trying to kill me. I’m innocent! Understand that you must keep quiet or you will never talk again. Talking is important for me to negotiate with you. So I can hopefully survive this ordeal. Shut up or your wife will never see you again. Right. I’ll keep quiet now. Quiet. Good. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m in my comfort zone. Push that button. Oh for what? Why are you telling me what to do now? Now, just do it. NO! Oh my gosh, Chris! It’s M. Oh no! Mai gei siao, mai gei siao (don’t bluff). Don’t come and tell me what to do. Leave me alone if you are not going to push that button. How lian (arrogant) still want to talk. Oh shit….! Oh my god, yes! It’s not H. We all crumbled eh. Yeah. Why you suddenly give the ‘hnng’ face? It is all about the button guys. If you are in a hostage situation, confuse the person. Was that harder than the normal one? Huh, no leh. I think this one is easier. Wah but she surprisingly like. My reverse so much better than the traditional ABC. No, no. No, traditional easier. This was an absolute nightmare. Yes. You know why anot? You must memorise the letters by tune. The ‘ponM’ really helps. It was Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T. Then S, R, Q, pon M. Then, beyond that, I don’t know. No, then it’s Lee Kuan Joo. L, K, J. Then, I, H, G. Interhaul games. then, ‘fed’, C,B ah. Oh my god. We won! Even though we crumbled the last round. Thank you guys for watching! Let us know any other games that y’all want us to play in the comment section down below. If not, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and watch our other videos over there. Bye!

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