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TSL Plays: Alphabet Questions Only 2.0

Bobo, is that you? Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of TSL plays And today, we’ll be playing
Alphabet Questions Only Part Two! Here are the rules! We are, three shades of Red! And we are, feeling blue. Ah girl ah! Did you use my credit card? But I just never touch it at all. Why you say that? Can you at least tell me what you use it for? Don’t anyhow accuse me can? Excuse me, I think you owe me an explanation Goodness sake, maybe is Korkor go and take one leh? God, stop blaming your brother!
Own up to it now, I think you should- How? when you don’t even know it’s me? Wait I realize that is not a question! Gosh, are you seriously trying to
blame your own sibling? How can you anyhow say it’s me? I have evidence, do you? Just think about what I did.
Am I not the most guai (obedient) one in the family? Knew it! Why are you always trying to pity yourself? Let me just be a good boy can? Money is very hard to earn you know? No I don’t know! How I know, I also never work before Obviously, that’s why you
anyhow waste my money right? Please, don’t keep accusing me
because I am so guai (obedient) can? Quite disappointed in you,
how are you going to make amends for this? Rather just… be a good boy like myself? Or Or my korkor like that? WHAT?! Right now, can i just go to the BTS concert? Seriously? You want to go see Suga? Quite obviously. Don’t you know that I am a big fan? Oh Fudge….
Ohhhh I don’t even know where I am Cause she said Suga so I confused That’s not my bias, don’t you know I like Jungkook Unknown, who is that? Very rude eh daddy Why you go insult my BTS? Why don’t you like Rap Mon instead? You like Rap Mon ah? You got see before meh OHmyGod!!! Rap Mon, Suga, Jungkook She said Suga I died leh
Ya sia like I was “You know?!” Eh you know ah? I used to love them leh! Used to leh I learn the choreo for Danger and Bo…(AHHHHH!!!) Ah okay thanks, exit conversation Alamak! Uncle! Did you just drive past the ERP? Bodoh! You see the sign you still ask Cars that I’ve taken before, have never past the ERP. Why did you choose to use the ERP route? Don’t you know that along this route confirm have?
You first day in Singapore ah? Excuse me? Why are you so rude to me? I am your passenger! First time riding is it? All drivers are like this.. You know? Great la Now, I have a reason to complain.
What is your name ah? PD: OUT! Hoiyo! Why must I tell you? I need your name to call the police.
Can you please provide it to me now? Just so you know ah, I am actually
driving us to the police station. You scared anot? Kan***** Excuse me! What I meant to say is,
can you please stop the car? Mai la mai la mai la, can you just keep quiet? ah WRONG! Wrong Should be L..
NooOOOOo! We are winning yay!! Let me drive la. You know
I am a taxi driver for a reason right? *Beepbeepbeep* Hello Oh Shit! Sorry sorry can I do that again My mother wants to talk to you Can you talk to her? No No No, I got no time to talk to her Can you just tell me where you want to go now? Okay, can we head to my original destination? Which is the law office Please lah girl. Just now you tell me
you want to go to the police station How about we go there now? Quite sure I didn’t say that. Where did you hear that from? Sure? Wrong!! [inaudible] I think I just need to be a b*** in my life PD: Red wins one point Alamak! It’s you ah! Bobo is that you? Cannot be lah! My date is you?! Wah cannot ah cannot. Can I just go and kill myself now Don’t say until like that leh! Why you so rude sia Eh Evelyn! You know me and you cannot be one ok. Can we just go out of the restaurant? It’s not you lah. I know got another girl. Can you go out x2 Firstly, lower your volume Can you see that this is just a big mix up? Girl… let me get this straight During secondary school right We always fight Always fight. Can’t you see that we are really impossible It’s either i step out of this restaurant or you step out. So i would rather you step out. So please step out Hang on! Did I say that we were even dating? I think we are right because
like why would you be here? Just so you know, I your….[inaudible] Profile picture is not recognizable. Is it you like, you
mei tu xiu xiu (beauty app) or something? Kao la! Who in this world still Mei tu xiu xiu? Lame Can we just find a solution and move on? Mai mai mai, I don’t want to see
your face. Please please, go out Er waiter can you bring- can you
ask her to go out please No! Can you go out first? Oi! I cannot take it already ah! Ok you know what.
You don’t want to leave I am going to leave Okay I am giving you five seconds to leave now. Five seconds is all you get,
do you get what I am saying? Please calm down Can you walk first? Why Annoying ah this girl.
Okay I am going to calm down Can we order a drink? Really really can’t believe this Where’s the waiter ah! I always come here so I know SEW! Can you get us a glass of water. I need to calm down That’s not sew. What are you talking about? Understand that it’s not sew But that’s what I call her ok.
You don’t come and tell me what her name is ok! You very close with her meh! Very stress sia. Why we come here in the first place? Why? I don’t know! Why don’t you tell me Xenia can you come here please You don’t everything also Xenia Xenia Xenia leh. Okay I also know Xenia.
You think only you know Xenia ah Zoinks!! This sucks. Why must we be in this situation So we tie ah? PD: Tie! That was the most beautiful piece i’ve ever seen Freaking masterpiece! OhmyGod That was so scary! I think when we ah beng ah beng then easier Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. If you want us to play
more games, just comment down below and if you like this video, please LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE,
and watch our other videos over there! ByeBye!! But please don’t invite me again to Part 3

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