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TSL Plays: Alphabet Conversation 2.0

Hi guys! Welcome to the new TSL Plays set! And today we’re going to play, ‘Alphabet Conversation’ again! Here are the rules! Team name, let’s go! Faunice. Strawberry Pillow Lah. Adam! Are those flowers for me? Bodoh (stupid)! Of course for you lah. Come on! Does that mean… That you’re proposing to me? Dusk to dawn, I will always love you. But, that doesn’t mean anything right now. Player sia! I don’t know what to say! Eeyer! Why you never tell me one? For what? Life must have surprises. God damn. So beautiful! Surprises for me?! I’m so happy! So, are you going to ask me the question now? How much do you really love me? I… Love you… Like the sea! Never ending! Just so you know, I love you even more! Xenia out! Yes! Joyce! He’s damn smooth! Yah. He damn smooth sia. Why is he single? I’m so nervous! What’s the next letter? ‘K’. Kiss me! Lai (come) ah! Lai! Mei you (don’t have)! Bu ke yi (don’t have). You can’t do that.
Joyce out! Out! Why! My ‘M’ is correct! She broke down. As in, she like couldn’t continue. When Joyce said kiss me, I a bit… Woah! I was ready to leave. Alamak! What is that smelly smell? Be nice, can or not? We’re in the lift leh. Come on lah, boy. Did you fart? Don’t anyhow accuse me! Excuse me. There’s only 2 of us here, and I know I didn’t fart. So it definitely got to be you. First of all, uncle… Smell means fart meh? God knows that it must have come from somewhere. Then… Chris! Let’s go! How I know it’s not you, uncle. I also can smell leh. I don’t care what you think. Right now I’m the person who is accusing you, and why are you accusing me back? Just so you know, my parents say my fart smells very nice. Kids like you ah, should be disciplined by your parents better. Yes! Let’s not go there, ok? It’s always about generations like this. My mother… Once told me ah, that if I farted, I should own up to it and… Say excuse me. Now your mother here? Orangutang could be my mother. But – and they don’t even have to be here. I am – I am here! I don’t know what is he saying! Oh dear! Why must my mother be here to teach you values like this! Which is so important! Please lah. Then you talk about your mother for what? Question me? I’m teaching – I’m telling you what my mother taught me, so I can teach you. Really? You talk to me, why are you so rude? Xenia out. Can see her running through the lines. Seriously, what you eat ah? Why so smelly? Toilet very far, so I couldn’t go. Uh huh. That’s your reason? And your excuse? Very much so. What kind of excuse is this? Xenia was with me earlier. And I… I just didn’t want to fart in front of her. You suddenly bring in Xenia for what sia? Zen me ban (what to do)? Angel baby. Do you have time? Should we talk? Boy I got all the time for you. Why am I so smooth as a girl? Chubby baby. I have something important to tell you. Dear, first of all don’t fat shame. Oh my God! Everyday I’ve been carrying a secret. Feelings? Good for you that you have those. How – how is that connected to any of these? I don’t even know where to begin. Just… Talk lah. That’s what we do what. K. Let me just take a deep breath first. Let’s – let’s just do that. Yah, sure. But… You… Chubby, dear, what? Explain to me. My heart is beating very fast. No way, me too! Only, it’s for the different reason. Please tell me what that is then. Quit acting like you don’t already know. Really? What? What is it? Stop it. So, tell me what you want me to know. Wait. It’s ‘T’.
Chris, you said ‘so’. Yah sia. I – I stuttered. Nope. Nope. Are you serious? To be honest, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Understand me when I say it was… A moment of weakness. Victor! Just tell me what you’re going to say. What I’m about to say, will not be easy for your ears. Xylophones make good music, just like your voice. So please, just tell me and I will listen to you. You don’t deserve what I did to you. Zoinks! Blue team won! Yes Joyce! Albert! That’s your name right? I can see your name tag. Come here, what is this? But sir, this is what you ordered. Can’t you see what I’m pointing at? There’s this stray piece of hair in my food. Don’t… Look too much into it. There’s nothing wrong with your food. Eeesh. Just look again. Would you eat this or not? Fish fondue was what you wanted, right? Just ignore that strand. It’s probably from the fish. Great! Thanks for that response, I’m going to go complain on Yelp. Hotel reviewers have come – oh my God, am I in the wrong? Hotel reviewers have come to this restaurant right, at this wonderful hotel establishment, and they’ve rated our fish fondue dish 5 stars. I don’t care! I’m pretty sure they didn’t get hair in their food. I’m never coming back here ever again. Just… Forget about it. I will bring you a new dish. K. What are you going to bring? Lemon meringue pie. My, my, my. It sound delicious! Hope it’s not as disgusting as this cheese fish fondue. No worries. Our lemon meringue pies have been rated, 5 and a half stars! Oh dear. I can’t trust your reviews anymore. Point taken. Why don’t I go to the chef and ask him what his recommendation is. Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t stand for this. Right. But Kind Edward would. Stupid excuses! Stop giving me this rubbish! Ok. Wait, wait. What, what, what were you all talking about? Yours is ‘T’. Why you never pay attention? You studying the alphabets ah? Then why don’t you tell me what you want to eat? Understand what you’re saying here. You just recommended me a dish, and now you’re asking me what I want to eat. Very true. Because you don’t trust my recommendation, that’s why I ask you. Customer first! Why are you like this? I just ask you what you want to give me, then I said ok what. Xenia. Why don’t I ask Xenia? The head chef of the restaurant. You bring her here now. I want to talk to her. Zenia! Ra just destroyed them. How’s the game? Very stress! I lost 10 years of my life playing that game sia. Actually I think the trick is to say as short as possible. Cause when you say very long right, the opponent has a lot of time to think. Actually the more you say, the better. Because you say more right, can make them think of something else to say. The second time we’re playing this right, I’m still just as lost. Yah! After you get into the game right. you start to purposely ask certain questions to throw the other person off. I ask the ‘ok or not?’ Then they ‘ok’. That means I never get into the game.

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