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TSL Plays: A-Z Categories

‘Q’ is a name!
How do you spell it? ‘Q’!
I can say ‘R’, I can say ‘S’! No, but ‘Q’ is her name! That’s her nickname. It’s the same. Nobody will name their child ‘Q’! Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of TSL Plays, and today we have Sezairi! And we are playing categories, A to Z. Here we go. I’m not swiping. Here are the rules. Here are the rules. Here are the rules. Both teams will be given a category and they have to list the items in the category in alphabetical order. The team with the most survivors in each round, wins! Can you all give me your team names? Brack Corour(Black Colour) Shall we be White Corour(White Colour), then? Okay, sure. You’re not Corourful(Colourful) meh? Okay! Okay! Whatever he said! First category is, girl names! Adria! Eh? Are you ready or not? Eh, haven’t yet…
FIVE SECONDS ALREADY! Wait, the time is not counted yet la, CHRIS! This feels like Hari Raya at my house. Let’s go. Adria. Beatrice. Caroline. Danica Erica. Fiona. Germaine. Holly. Indigo. Jasmine. Karoline. With a ‘K’? Ya. No!
What?! EH, FIVE SECONDS ALREADY EH! No! Where got Karoline with a ‘K’ one! Linda.
Why not? Meredith. Ah… Nelly!
Too long. Too long. Too late! Go! Go! Go!
Too long. I said Nelly! Wah, Karoline with a ‘K’. I don’t accept it. Karolina Kurkova, I would accept. Nuh-uh sista. Globalization Fauzi. Nadia. Olive. Putri. ‘Q’. ‘Q’ is a name! It’s not a name. ‘Q’ is a name.
How do you spell it? ‘Q’!
I can say ‘R’, I can say ‘S’. No, but ‘Q’ is her name. That’s her nickname. It’s the same. Nobody will name their child ‘Q’! Oh shit, I’m not ready! Okay, okay! Wait, wait. ‘Q’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘V’. Oh shit. Queenie. Uh… Rostam. Sheryl. Tarmizi. Eh! Correct, Tarmizi. Y’all gotta keep up with your Asian-malay names. Google it. Tarmizi. Check it out. For real. Wow. It’s a guy’s name…
Ya! No, but we playing girls names. Oh… YES! Heng(Lucky) ah. Tama! What? Tamar. Like Tamar Braxton. Yea!
Come on guys! Get your pop culture, get your shit together.
Tamar! Ursula! Ursula! Viona. Wina. Xenia. Yolander. Zandra. So we win la? Ya la, they win. Yes! Why?! Brack Corour! Brack Corour! Okay! The next category, food. Okay. Uh, apple. Bakwa. Carrot. Out. You know why or not? You what he thinking of or not? I was just thinking in my head like, why would I say bakwa? Ya, I just killed myself la. I’m sorry. Wait, wait, wait, wait. ‘D’ ah? ‘D’. Wah, very stress you know? This game. Okay. Um… Danish cookie. Oh. Ee Mee. Fru… Adria!
Okay, easy. Out. I cannot la! Fruitella, is it? Is that what you’re trying to say? Okay. Uh, fish. Uh… Gao Xiong. Huh? Huh? What is Gao Xiong?
What is that? Okay, grape. Uh… Horlicks…? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Carry on. Horlicks! Ice cream. Jujube. It’s a type of fruit. Kelp. Kelp. Uh… Lemon. Milo. Uh, Nespray. It’s a.. It’s a type of milk powder okay!
Milk! Yea! Orange. Uh. Um… Pineapple. Oh my god! What is next?! I don’t know! What’s ‘Q’. It’s ‘Q’! What’s ‘Q’? Is there a food that starts with ‘Q’?
What is ‘Q’? There is. Qoo. Ribena. Saliva. Huh? What?!
Eat saliva! Oi! I can’t think of anything la! Can! Can! Can! Bird nest! Bird nest!
Can what! Just put it in the context of lunch. What you having for lunch? Saliva. Saliva of a bird. No! Lose already ma. Ya. Oh my god! Yes! No, because I think he like damn proud he got Qoo. Then he’s like, “What is ‘S'”. That’s exactly me. Now this category is, music artistes. Ah, okay.
Oh gosh. Oh, I die already. Can one, can one, can one. I cannot sia. I will be destroyed. Wah shit shit shit shit. Can. Okay, let’s go. A1. Barbra Streisand. Cher. Uh, Dan… Danica, Dannii Minogue. Eh. Eminem. Uh, Fergie? G-dragon. Uh, Holly Valance. Out. Oh my god! Okay. Uh, Incubus. Justin Timberlake. Katy Perry. Lionel Ritchie.
Out! Adria, don’t worry. He won’t lose to musician. I actually don’t listen to a lot of music. Oh shit, shit, shit!
Um… What’s ‘L’?
‘L’. I say already. Lionel Ritchie. Can say that. Lionel Ritchie. Madonna. Nickelback. Oh-oh…oh-oh…oh-oh…oh-oh… Out! No! Nickelback threw you off right? Eh! What letter is it? Letter ‘O’. Oreana Grande. One Direction. Pussycat Dolls. Queen. Queen. Brandi Jackson. Oh wow. Out! Steven Spielberg! What?! He’s right next to you. Oh! Oh! It’s fine. You can from now on call me Malay Charlie Lim. Then you’ll be singing the Malay version of that National Day song. Ya. Ya, I would do that. Kami orang Singapura(We are Singapore). Wow. Thanks for always putting me in the same team with Fauzi. Cause’ we always win. Thank you very much Sezairi for joining us today. Thanks for having me. Yes, no problem, Sezairi. What do you have up your sleeves in the coming months? I have a new song. I have a new balland that I released called, ‘It’s You’. I wrote it for my wife. Because on our wedding night, I lost our wedding speeches. *Gasps* Everyone was looking for it. We were on the stage, but it was actually in my jacket pocket. So, I wrote a song about it. Wow! I wrote what I would have said if I had the opportunity to say it. That’s so nice.
That’s so cute.

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