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Trump signs executive order to end family separations

100 Replies to “Trump signs executive order to end family separations”

  • Just kick both parents and kids out if you try to protect the border and you can save some trumptards' tax money from those detention centers

  • 8:50–8:55 "it's absolutely an abomination to use children for a legislative agenda" just like Obama and Biden trying to pass gun control. I guess you could call that an obamanation

  • Lies. Today he ordered space for 20,000 children on a military base. The executive order was a lie and smokescreen.

  • Trump ended that family separation 2 years into his first term. Obama left it go on for 8 years and not a peep. Dont forget MSNBC posted a picture of no…is in cages and then took it down when they realized it was during Obama's term. Leftist are willingly ignorant.

  • What a media pig, it's always about him.
    He could have just pick up a phone and done this, but nooooo. "small hands square pants" has to sign a worthless executive order to fix something he started.
    You failed again captain simian. You tryed holding DACA hostage and lost. Now you tryed holding babies hostage and lost.
    Don't be fooled by this trash bag.

  • Three liars doing what they do beat…lie. Make no mistake, this policy was a testing of the waters. Fux news was reporting 'summer camp' conditions, much like Goebbles used to do when they started shipping people off to the camps. They didn't expect this kind of a reaction.

  • Oh my god every smart person get on to fox news comments section lets hijacked their channel like the cunt right has done to CNN and MSNBC. Fuck these guys seriously fuck you Republicunts you ruin everything.

  • This idiot shit on everybody and now he is acting as the saviour who cleaned up someone else's shit.? What an IDIOT does he really THINK Americans DON'T see what he does..two FACED fake and pretentious GOOF
    Get rid of this hatefill EVIL man from his position

  • Wow! Shit rolls on & on. How much more of this do they think they can keep getting away with!
    Everything is SILLY PUTTY with these people. We have no Benchmark in reality from one day to the next!

  • @2:25 Thank you for your leadership sir! @2:40 Thank you sir for your leadership! <– This is what Trump wants in a cabinet member, staffer, senator, etc. The blind loyalty of an unquestioning sycophant.

  • Liar. His Orwellian ideation to separate children from parents is pure fascist protocol. 3 hateful fool's in a row.

  • He said only the Democrats could change the law. So he could have done this months ago. What a lying bastard. Creates a problem then wants applause for half-solving the same problem. This whole administration is a mess.

  • Liberals hate AMERICA, it's so obvious you're full of hate and have zero tolerance for any opposing view/opinion. #fascist

  • I did read "Animal Farm" and maybe I don't know anything but how can the pigs be communists when they reenslave the animals? That seems to be capitalism to me.

  • I'm confused, title says "TRUMP SIGNS EXEC ORDER STOPPING HIS<– FAMILY SEPARATION POLICY", and I hear here from Donald Trump and from others that the policy was in place before Trump was in office. Who's lying? please help

  • It would never be enough but he did it anyway. I love how Trump is tackling these difficult issues. Love it. Absolutely love it. All the laws are being enforced which has raised a number of humanitarian issues that other administration wouldnt dare touch. While I also liked Obama, I cannot imagine Obama going this far about this issue…. and he never did.

  • WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU Trump! You made this happen and i know your a liar. Always trying to fool everyone. Until those children return to their families ill believe it.

  • Another one of Obama's messes that Trump has to clean up.

    Oh and Where where you whiny bitches back when Obama signed it into Law?
    Only because Trump is president did you come out and cry about it.
    Had Clinton Been president, NONE of you would have even give a flying Fuck about it like back when Obama was President.

  • A few facts on child separation, since most people have no grasp:

    – You do not get arrested or separated from your family for claiming asylum at a port of entry (these are U.S. embassies in Mexico and border patrol offices along the border).

    – The adults being arrested are not the ones claiming asylum at these ports of entry. They're bypassing those and sneaking in illegally with their children (putting the children in unnecessary risk with human smugglers and drug gangs who escort people to the illegal entries for a fee).

    – Once these adults are caught by US Border Patrol and held in custody for breaking the law, the existing American law says their children cannot be held in custody with their parents (kids don't go to jail, common sense).

    – The only alternative to putting the child into temporary jail with the parents, is to release the child on his/her own back into Mexico (a death sentence) or to keep the children in a facility near their parents, under American supervision. This is a sad situation for the kids, but considering the alternatives its perfectly sane. Their parents should not break federal laws and use their children as human shields. That has to be considered child abuse.

    – Out of 12,000 children held temporarily, around 10,000 showed up without parents. There are parents in Mexico who pay thousands of dollars to human traffickers and drug gangs (who basically run local Mexican state governments near the border) to take their children on a thousand-mile journey thru Mexico and illegally into the US thru the deserts.

    – Amnesty International estimates between 60-80% of all women who enter the US illegally are raped by the same human traffickers and drug gangs who escort them through the country and into the US. Parents in Mexico pay these people thousands of dollars to take their children INSTEAD OF APPLYING FOR ASYLUM AT A PORT OF ENTRY WHERE THEY DON'T GET ARRESTED OR SEPARATED FROM THEIR KIDS. They only get arrested and separated when they cross illegally.

    – You might be thinking, why do so many people try to come illegally instead of applying for asylum. That's because many of these people realize they don't have any valid reason to claim asylum, and will be rejected. Being poor and wanting to move to a rich country is not a valid reason to claim asylum anywhere. You have to be under persecution for your race, religion, political views, etc. Not applicable to 99% of these folks. The same way that a poor person in America cannot simply move to Japan or China (or Mexico!) if they don't go through legal channels and get approved by those governments. Stop acting like American immigration law is any different than other countries. The only difference is everyone wants to come here, so we have much higher volume of these incidents.

    – These laws that are enforced under Trump were also enforced under Obama, Bush, etc. Even the pictures they used in news articles were from 2014 and 2016. There are several articles covering this during Obama's years. Use Google to find them.

    But for some reason there wasn't this level of total hysteria until Trump haters needed something to distract from the IG report released just days prior, which basically damns the Mueller probe as a witch-hunt. They don't care about these kids, or else why keep quiet about this for years during Bush & Obama? Its just politics as usual.

  • Donald Trump is a rich white man who doesn't care. He will never understand what is it like to be separated from your family especially being poor.

  • How come nobody asks what the hell is so wrong with Mexico that millions of people are dying to escape? And why are Mexico's failures our responsibility instead of theirs?

  • love my President he is he has made America great again. sorry for those who can't see it. if you are so unhappy you could join cathy griffin where ever it is she went to wwg1wga

  • And the sycophant of the year goes to………. Kirstjen Neilsen, for her shameless lies and abject obsequiousness on a world stage. Congratulations, Kirstjen, you are a lying, morally bankrupt kiss ass of the lowest order!

  • Listen to trump. What a fuckin loser but you know the trumpanzees are going to rejoice him for putting this in motion and then taking it back. What a fuckin clown.


  • Seriously Gloria borger! Seriously!😲😲😲
    You left the pew news for CNN! Why?
    I'm so disappointed on you.
    Anyway, good luck with the fake news.
    Just you know that the pew news is an always open place for you. You will always be in our hearts.
    Bro fist👊

  • I mean….don't get me wrong America is quite pathetic when you need to vote between Hillary or trump…both are completely incapable of running a country. But I love how every day trump enjoys signing some kind of an "executive order" America politics of today is like watching a soup opera. However I'd rather have trump instead of Hillary

  • Wait so trump signs an order from a bill he passed and wanted but the pressure from the republican who are losing the senate forced him to retract his bill and by him signing this its bc it was Democrats fault??? What??? T

  • Why is he the bad guy what about the douchebags bringing the kids over here subjecting them to detainment. Sorry ass piece of shit parents!

  • Keep the families together and have constant busses running illegal immigrants that cross the border back to wherever they came from and then sanction the country they came from more and more. The countries they come from aren't doing anything to help. Ship them back at a higher rate than they come in. Whole families or whatever adult the children were with when they crossed.

  • The real issue here is the constitution has a loop hole being exploited by illegals. They come here and have a kid here to get the natural born citizen for their baby then when they get separated its an issue. Why is the child of a illegal automatically a us citizen just because their born here when their mother shouldn't be here in the first place that's messed up. The news reporter at the end has no idea about the constitution that's why the children were separated they were doing it based on what the constitution says. The children were citizens automatically but the parents are not.

  • Bathhouse Barry had 8 years to tackle this problem, but transgender bathrooms, illegal weapons/Uranium deals, and creating harmless 'jv' terrorist organizations, were MUCH more important issues. Daddy Bush and Dubya each had 8 yrs, but they were chasing non-existent WMD's and starting unnecessary wars with other countries, in order to gain control of their governments and oil. Slick Willy had 8 yrs as well….but he was too busy having sex in the oval office with interns, flying nose candy across the globe, and stealing money from elderly people. Glad someone finally had the intelligence, empathy, and interest, to find a solution. Thank you, President Trump.

  • Illegal aliens know that if they bring children they will be let go . Those kids ain't mistreated. You liberals are stupid and lying 🖕

  • Bullshitting waste of time and tax payers money………Fool should never have ordered his henchmen to kidnap children in the first place. This buffoon and the two ass wipes standing behind him and his entire criminal cabal to include his family should be locked up in prison……..they are a total disgrace to humanity.

    Trump The Plump, release those children from the cages you threw them in!

  • This might not be such a bad thing, maybe we can use this for criminal minors. When a juvenile breaks the law the parents get held in jail with them.

  • thanks president trump for doing something which clinton and Obama could have done but never did!! this shows that you are much more caring and love your american people much more than the other presidents!!

  • Is this for illegal migrants families and US citizens parents that committed crimes that makes them get separated from there kids ? Lets build day care in prison also please .. so no families should be separated.. No families should be separated.. lmao ..

  • Legit question: Do they detain children because they want to separate illegal children from their illegal parents? or do they separate their LEGAL US-BORN children from their illegal parents and they don't know what to do with them yet? (just asking a simple question… no hidden agenda)

  • Journalism is dead. You don’t need to sign an executive order to end your own policy. EOs are to override laws or to enact one. If it was his policy he would just say stop it.


  • Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!ty

  • Thank you don't account we love you for what you doing for America you are the very 1st president That has the guts to do something about it You are the best president I ever had in my lifetime I just wanna say thank you thank you I love you like a brother thank you And may God-bless you

  • first term Obama gets my vote. second term Obama gets my vote but… third term Obama gets Trumps vote

  • I love how childish the left is. Even though the family separation happened under your lord and savior Obama you guys were calling Trump a monster for allowing it to go on. Now he signs a bill to stop it and now you guys say "Oh he was forced to do so. You can see he's trying hard to get mad". You guys are definitely a bunch of children. Look what a child who doesn't like his sibling does. If his mom asks him to get something for his brother he says "No, I don't want him to do it. I want you to do it". Guaranteed if this was Obama you children would be calling him an angel sent by God. But no. Since you kids can't be adults you have to keep making up things to make this seam awful

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