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Trump impeached

Hello from here
in Chiavenna, Italy! I want to talk about
the big news from last night in America. Last night President Trump was
impeached by House Democrats. Trump is the third president
in history to be impeached. To be clear, impeachment
doesn’t mean that Trump is fired or
removed from office. It means that House Democratic
representatives have found enough evidence to indict —
formally accuse, impeach — Trump of high crimes
and misdemeanors. Trump will now face a trial by
Senate, who will call witnesses and go through a process. The Senate, 100 senators,
will vote to either convict him and remove him from office or
to acquit him and allow him to remain the president. It requires at least 67 senators
for a two-thirds vote to convict and remove Trump. Supreme Court Chief
Justice John Roberts will be the “presiding officer”
and oversee the process. It is unlikely that Trump will
be convicted and “fired” by the Republican-controlled
Senate. Trump is more likely to be
acquitted and stay in office until the election in November
determines if his term will end or if he gets
another four years. Former president Bill Clinton
was impeached 21 years ago by the House, but was
acquitted in a Senate trial. He finished out his term. Trump was impeached
on two articles — abuse of power and
obstruction of Congress. The first has to do
with his phone call with the new Ukrainian president
in the summer to request an investigation on Joe Biden’s
son’s business dealings in Ukraine while at
the same time withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine. The second article has to do
with how Trump’s reactions and refusal to cooperate with
the House impeachment inquiry. Those are the articles. During the House vote last
night, no Republicans voted in favor of impeachment
— all voted against. Two House Democrats sided
with Republicans in voting against impeachment. One was from Minnesota and
the other from New Jersey. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii)
voted “present,” choosing to abstain
from voting either side. She said she is against
the impeachment process and prefers Trump
to be censured. The Senate trial may start
in January 2020. House Speaker Pelosi has
to transmit the articles to the Senate first,
and she is holding off on this because she wants
certain agreements with the Senate on the trial process. President Trump was at a rally
in Battle Creek, Michigan when he was impeached. He said it was amazing that
all Republicans stuck together and the crowd cheered. It was a big day in
American history yesterday on December 18, 2019. The trial that is to come and
the upcoming election is likely to bring more chaos and
division in our government. Captioned by

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