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Trip to Hayes Garden World Vlog

Hi, Steph’s here Today, we’re off to Hayes Garden World Can’t wait to set off! Introducing my boyfriend Hello Heyy, finally we’ve arrived at Hayes Garden World! Turkey Chicken Pink! If you want a pink tree, you can with those decorations! Can’t afford this Need to spend spend spend one half thousand It means naughty is cool! The bear? It’s in wrong place.. Should be in North Pole.. But it’s fake really! FOOD Food time! See this? My rules Which is clotted cream first Jam second Fabulous You do the opposite! Unacceptable My rules I’m from Devon! Look, at that cake! You stay! I’ll do the Christmas shopping starting now, yayyyy Hey, how many Father Christmas Santas? Should be one?? So many.. impossible.. No idea what it’s saying.. Interpreter please?? Come here What did it say? Ah Freaks me out! My favourite place, plants! (help me, help me) Toys, John’s favourite (No, you) Quick, the day went fast! Now, it’s time to buy our things I’ll show you It’s all yours, me nothing, all yours really Alright! Hope you all have enjoyed my video of Hayes Garden World Any feedback or comments? Please let me know in the comments section, alright? Don’t forget to click subscribe on your bottom right (icon) And, I’ll see you in next video, bye bye!

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