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Treasonous Tom Cotton Says That Democrats Are The Ones Who Are Crazy

You know, what’s really interesting about
the Republican parties, I feel like every so often they have to say something that’s
just completely off the wall bonkers. So people don’t forget that they exist. You know, every now and then ran Paul comes
out and he says something stupid. And you know, Lindsey Graham will do that. And Tom Cotton, we’ll do that. Just so that you remember that. They’re actually a thing. Louie Gohmert was king of that, but Tom Cotton
actually recently, just last week to be a more precise appeared on the John Catsimatidis
and I’m pretty sure I mispronounced that in my apologies for that. But anyway, appeared on this guy’s radio show,
um, where he said that the Democrats, those running for president right now have lost
their minds. Here’s what he said. He said,
“This is truly … an election about whether America will be a socialist nation. I don’t think Americans want to be a socialist
nation. But it will be incumbent upon all Americans
to get out and make their voices heard in this election.” “We are going into a highly consequential
election. The Democrats have truly lost their mind.” The Democrats have lost their mind. Now keep in mind, this is coming from the
Guy Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, who pretty much committed treason, uh, during
the Obama administration when we were crafting the Iran deal and Tom Cotton sent his little
letter over to a ran begging them not to sign on to this deal. And as many experts weighed in at the time,
examine this, uh, that did fit the definition of treason, Tom. And yet you trees in as Tom are the one out
there telling us the Democrats have lost their minds. Who boy, they crazy, right? Let me tell you what’s crazy, Tom crazy would
be not paying attention to polling data here in the United States, which I’m assuming you
have not because as it turns out, the majority of people in this country, including Republicans,
buddy a, they do what? Medicare for All, as long as they can keep
their doctor. They love that idea. They want a green new deal. They want the president to stop being so damn
racist. They want all of these things that the progressive
wing of the Democratic Party is out there pushing in their bid to become the next president
of the United States. So you may think it’s nuts and you can go
ahead like all the other Republicans and say, oh, they’re all pushing us towards socialism
because none of you are smart enough to know what that word means. And you’re certainly not smart enough to know
that that’s not what this is. And you can think that your base is dumb enough
to believe you who is not very smart, but they actually know better. Your base has a hell of a lot smarter than
you give them credit for Tom and that’s going to come back and bite ya. It’s going to come back to bite all Republicans
in 2020 because the more you folks go out there scaremongering about this mythical socialism
that progressive’s like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are allegedly trying to push. Yeah. That socialism doesn’t actually exist. What they’re trying to say is, hey, let’s
have some social programs, like a debt free college student loan forgiveness and Medicare
for All. You know, like pretty much all other, almost
all other industrialized countries on the planet have, let’s just catch up to the rest
of the world. That’s not socialism, Tom. That’s progress. And if you can’t understand that, then you’re
the one who is actually lost your mind.

100 Replies to “Treasonous Tom Cotton Says That Democrats Are The Ones Who Are Crazy”

  • The USA is already a Democratic socialist nation. There are 44 well-established components of democrat socialism in the USA at present, and all we need are a few more components, and we will be on more stable ground. These are the 44 components that I see at the present time:

    1) The local police. When you’ve been violated, you expect them to come when they are called.

    2) The fire department. You suspect a gas leak or your dwelling is on fire. You expect them to come when they are called.

    3) The emergency medical service (EMS). They attempt to save you when you’re in an accident. You expect them to come when they are called.

    4) Existing public roads/bridges to get around. They may have potholes, but you expect them to be operational to get you from point A to B.

    5) The US Postal Service. How else would we get tax notices, ads, catalogs, coupons, bills?

    6) The U.S. military. There when it gets real in cyberland every day, help to keep North Korea in the north and world allies a little more at ease.

    7) FASFA, student grants for education. No program, no grants nor loans

    8) Municipal garbage collection system. No garbage collection and maggots begin to gag.

    9) Social Security and Medicare when you're 65. No money and no health insurance results in starvation and death.

    10) Public museum. No museum, no place to educate your mind about other cultures and experiences.

    11) Public beach. People don’t get the vitamin D they need, their bones become brittle from inability to absorb calcium. You have less of a chance of drowning and getting sick from certain bacteria.

    12) Public zoo. No zoo, no place to educate your mind, thankfully, about other animals that are generally less agitating than the current occupant of the White House and Senate Majority Leader.

    13) National monument or a public park. No monument, no visual means of educating yourself about history which COULD be important. No public park, no place to sleep, walk your dog, listen to a concert, or join others walking around aimlessly.

    14) Public water system. No system, no water to flush your toilet or take your shower with.

    15) Public sewer system. No system, and even the maggots would gag in short order.

    16) No voting process. No process, no means to get people to run the government,

    17) Small claims and other civil courts. No courts, no means [without being arrested for physically trying to get your money back from a scam.

    18) Public defender. If you don’t have money for an attorney, you are plumb out of luck. They are overworked and underpaid, but better than absolutely nothing because there are too many curves in the system to navigate to prove our innocence.

    19) Environmental protection agency or local environmental public health. You got a problem with West Nile virus, a mercury spill in the courthouse, mice hair in your taco, if they’re not there, don’t
    call them. Same thing about the pig hooves ground down for makeup, don’t expect the FDA to be keeping a remote eyeball on the makeup industry.

    20) if you get injured at work, don't expect any Workman's Comp benefits,

    21) if you lose your job, don't apply for unemployment benefits,

    22) if you've been discriminated against on the workplace, don't contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

    23) if you see knowingly unsafe conditions at work, don't contact the
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration,

    24) If you became disabled, don't apply for any social security disability insurance or state disability insurance

    25) If it snowed a foot and you can't drive your car to work, don't have the public road crew plow your road and place any salt on your road.

    26) if you can't get out of your house to go to work, don't depend on any public buses or transit.

    27) If a tree fell on your dwelling in the devil's strip, don't contact the road crew,

    28) If you think you got sick at an eatery, don't contact the health department.

    29) If a tornado, ice storm, flood, hurricane left you in a terrible predicament, don't
    depend upon the early warning system, don't depend on FEMA or local emergency management, you're on your own rebuilding your home or
    apartment building.

    30) Think you are in danger on your street without any lights, do not depend on any municipal lighting system,

    31) without any S-Chip, WIC, free school breakfast and lunches, be sure to feed the poor kids,

    32) without any Meals on Wheels, CFCP, TEFAP, your local foodbank, make sure you feed the poor and elderly around you.

    33) If you want to buy a small dwelling to get started but don't have much for a downpayment, do not contact the FHA or VA.

    34) If you've served in the Armed Forces, and think you may be entitled to medical care, GI education benefits, a grave and a headstone at a federal cemetery, that's not allowed.

    35) If you farm, and the rains did not permit you to get seed in the ground so that your crop could be insured on time, do not contact the government for farm assistance.

    36) Never show up a local, state, or federal facility to use the bathroom, you'll have to go elsewhere.

    37) If you forgot when you got your last vaccine, do not show up at the local health department to find your vaccine record.

    38) If you suspect you've got bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas or mold from someone else or their dwelling unit, do not contact your local health

    39) If you do not have money to go to the hospital because you feel something or someone is in need of serious medical attention, do not
    go there. Hospitals get help with the unpaid bills – from taxpayers. The majority of hospitals are non-profits and are exempt from federal, state and local taxes if they provide a community benefit, such as
    charitable care. Hospitals also receive federal funding to offset some of the costs of treating the poor.

    40) If a dog bit you or someone you know, do not expect the dog warden to haul the animal away, you’ll have to deal with the issue yourself.

    41) If you know of or suspect elder abuse, don’t call adult protective services, you’ll just have to find some way to deal with what you see
    and hear,

    42) If you know of or suspect child abuse, don’t call child protective services, as you will just have to figure out a way to address that problem yourself without you getting arrested.

    43) If you or someone you know has mental health, alcohol or drug addiction concerns, do not expect your local mental health and
    recovery board to help you in any way, you’ll just have to manage on your own

    44) If you have kids that need a k-12 education, don’t depend on the public school system, you’ll have to educate them well on your own.

    Since you or someone you know benefits from one or more of these
    programs… you are NOT allowed to say they don't work. They DO. And YOU use them. Money pooled together for programs that are available to benefit all.

    Additionally, universal healthcare could never work unless you live in:

    Czech Republic
    New Zealand
    South Korea
    United Kingdom
    Costa Rica
    Saudi Arabia

  • Tom Cotten is a Treasonist. And he’s STILL around? Unbelievable. If Cotten was a Democrat he’d been gone five years ago.

  • I am ashamed to say this shit infected cum bubble is my senator. Have never voted for this piece of shit. We are all working to vote his ass out!!!

  • I live in Arkansas and I hate that lying evil racist white Supremacist weasel. Can't wait to get Treasonous Tom out along with Moscow Bitch…

  • I want Paper BALLARD'S to Protect my Families Voting rights from being held Hostage by this Current Admin. I have already reached out to my State Representative. I do not have Faith in this right especially After the Mueller Report and Congress Unwillingness to take it Serious.

  • Erm, no. You are using 'treason', as clearly defined by the Consiturion (Article III, Section 3), incorrectly. The Treason Clause applies only to disloyal acts committed during times of war. Nitpicking, I know, but still. The word 'sedition' might work, but it does sound clumsy. Your heart is in the right place tho.

  • I guess it will all come down to the elections to decide. If everyone truly wants these things, but none of us want higher taxes either, then we the people will decide at the voting booth. Yet I doubt it will matter. If the ones who really run this country want us to have these things, it will happen. But since it hasn't thus far, I wouldnt expect to much no matter what puppet they shove down our throats.

  • Don't mean to change the subject, but I want them to show me Jeff Epstein's dead body and DNA evidence that he is really dead. Billions of dollars can remove you from society and remove your pedophile friends from prosecution. Too convenient.

  • The 21st century republicans have no resemblance of the past republicans, Cotton is one of many co-conspirators supporting trump and his elitist bigot agenda, term limits, term limits, term limits.

  • Right off the bat here's the truth. Your vote doesn't mean squat. Your next president has already been pre-selected by a lot of the same people wrapped up in this Epstein debacle. Democrats and Republicans alike. The dog-n-pony show we call congress is just that ……. a distraction from what's really going on.

  • Why the hell do Republican voters seriously think giving M4A is making America Socialist? They love it though when the farmers get Socialism hand outs though…

  • As of around 2 months ago I am independent. I can no longer stomach the far left garbage the democrats are shoving down the American throat. Too much antifa, trying to normalize gender dysphoria when the largest proven contributor is the single mother, feminism killed chilvery and females in general. Have democrats lost their minds….well….they evolved into the mess they are today. Much like the republican party imploding in the Gee Dubya Bush first years, the democrats started to implode in 2017 and the party is all screwed up right now and like the republitards they probably won't recover.

  • What I’m saying here is everybody has the right to say whatever they want but they also have the right and are expected to accept the repercussions of what they said.
    Sometimes duct tape should be mandatory to muffle the sounds of stupidity. Stupidity can’t be stopped but it can be held in check.

  • All these republicans are mentally ill. They have no clue how fascist this nation already is and how these young progressives are trying their hardest to right the ship and bring America up to modern standards of Humanity.

  • PLEASE don't call the republicans a PARTY. They have not been a real political party in many years. They are now just a cult of hate, corruption, and lies. They are proving it. A real political party at least tries to obey the law.

  • Yeah, call the Democrats crazy for being on the right side of history! Tom Cotton is so treasonous, just like rest of the Republicans in the Senate and their evil king, Donald Trump!

  • Tom Cotton is correct. Truth is the left became totally unhinged from the night Trump beat 'Lying Crooked Hillary' on November 8, 2016. While Republicans celebrated, the left got infected with 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' and became 'Trump-o-phobic'. Since then the left has been all about destroying Trump. The left has failed to bring Trump down so now the only hope is to cause civil unrest and racist division. Heck, TV celebrity Bill Maher even wants a massive recession if it means the end of Trump. Yep… the left definitely are the ones who are crazy!!!

  • Well maybe Democrats are crazy. They actually care about others. Don't they know you should only look out for number 1, like Donald Trump? The Dems want universal health care that will do its job and cost far less. They believe in an honest days pay for an honest days work. What a bunch of maroons.

  • Tom Cotton is an Extreme Case of TDS!
    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Trump Derangement Syndrome was a originally a made-up condition, conceived as an insult label by the alt-right to attack anyone who criticizes or refuses to support Donald Trump. The idea being that the left is so obsessed with Trump they have collectively lost their minds. Like many of their other little online crusades, this one has backfired!

    People dislike Trump for actual reasons which often go well beyond just politics or partisanship, and if anyone has Trump Derangement Syndrome it's those on the right that blindly support him. They have lost their sense of morality, religious convictions, principles, objectivity, all discernment, and even the ability to have a civil discussion or reason. So the term has now been co-opted by others/Mental Health experts; to refer to Trump supporters who are blinded by their unrealistic devotion to Trump.

    Trump's Followers/Base/Cult all suffer from TDS! – TDS/Trump Derangement Syndrome:

    And because of the Cognitive Dissonance and Dunning–Kruger effect that are part of it, they blame it on the Democrats/Liberals & say it is the D/L's that suffer from it!

    Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their love of Donald Trump, to the point they will abandon all logic and reason.

    Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from racist or xenophobic outbursts to a complete disconnection from reality. TDS can also often result in the sufferer exhibiting violent, homicidal, or even genocidal desires, particularly against residents from foreign countries.

    Sufferers have also been known to wish direct self-harm on themselves (such as increased tariffs, a desire for tax cuts heavily favoring corporations and the 1%, infringement of first amendment rights, and even the destruction of NATO.), provided that action was initiated by Donald Trump.

    Paranoia is also a common symptom of TDS. Sufferers have been known to believe that they are in some way being persecuted when their Trump related beliefs are questioned, and in some cases believe they are about to be a victim of an immigrant or POC related crime. The paranoia does however not seem to be bad enough to make TDS sufferers attempt to actually becoming informed and/or think for themselves.

    It is also known that statements and printed articles containing FACTS can exacerbate the condition.

    Because of their total disconnect from reality, it is pointless to try to have a conversation with them, and an argument is futile. The more FACTS you state the deeper into their delusional, deranged reality they sink. Total waste of your time and effort.

    Unfortunately for the sufferers, it is believed that the problem is incurable.

  • Leading up to the recent white nationalist terrorist attacks, everyone on Fox News and also some other cable news channels was speaking in this very strange wailing tone of voice that sounded like sobbing to me. I thought it was really weird from the first time I heard it, and I wondered if it was some kind of new fear propaganda technique. Since the attacks, I've been wondering if listening to them speaking like that had something to do with vulnerably unstable people becoming so unhinged they committed horrific attacks. Obviously the anti-immigrant things that they were saying were more obvious motivations for the attacks, but the way they were saying it seems like it could be relevant too.

    Ok the fact that I seem to be the only person talking about this is making me feel like I listen to people like I'm autistic or aspergers or something. Did anyone else hear what I'm talking about?

  • We are already practicing socialism. We put our money into the government… fed taxes anybody heard of that? Our elected leaders some of them that's their income. But it's to make us aka US better. Do your part make us better. If not wipe the snot of your face and go home to mommy.

  • I thought that Tom Cotton should have been charged with Treason when he wrote that letter to the Iranian government against the nuclear treaty!

  • This asshat is owned by;

    Banks (Goldman Sachs, Citizen’s Bank, Stevens Inc)
    Military Industrial Complex (Lockeed Martin)
    Oil and Gas Fossil Fuels (Cactus Wellhead)
    Israel Lobbyists (NorPAC)
    Most of his money comes from the securities & investments industry.

    To name but a few…

    I feel for Arkansas if they can’t do any better.

  • I bet he's happy now that Iran is violating Nuclear treaty because along with trillions of debt, the edge of environmental total destruction, race wars, humanitarian violations, we need more nuclear arms on the planet.

  • We have Republican socialism now, which is billions of dollars of subsidies to corporations. Or we can have Democratic socialism, which supports America's citizens. It's your tax dollars at work.

  • Tom cotton, Rick Scott, mike pence.

    These are the ones you don’t want to see on the ballot in a thousand lifetimes.

  • Here are a few quotes from probably Americas finest Writer/Humorist Sam Clemens (Mark Twain)… I think it helps explain some of today's insanity…
    "I would rather have my ignorance than another man's knowledge because I have so much more of it."
    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."

  • Democrats are the only available party in united states.
    Even Children will make far better leaders that the Gop , they are insanely incompetent and very corrupted among that!
    You are a damn fool Cotton!

  • Is it socialism to "give" farmers our tax money? Is it socialism to "give" rebates to the biggest corporations on top of them not paying any taxes? Is it socialism to subsidize big oil companies? Is it socialism to not raise the minimum wage so that employees of Wal Mart have to rely on Medicaid, WIC and Section 8 housing to be able to exist? Is it socialism that over 51% of our GDP goes to the military industrial complex? Is it socialism that Trump has spent over $100 million of our tax dollars on his golf forays?

  • Mr. Cotton is CORRECT!!

    The Democrats have gone so far left and bat shit crazy people in their own party won’t even vote for them.

    Socialism SUCKS!!!

  • Well said a true American Patriot….
    This comment is for the numb nut,,,,cartoon,,,,,
    I mean cattoooon,,,,the 🤡,,,,ur aspiration will never reach the Pinnacle
    Meaning to get to the White House,,,like another one from ur state that did reach the white house…..bc uuu don't have the it factor,,,,do u know what I mean,,,,ehh,,ehh,,,ehh
    Hooo. Haaaaa

  • Very good points. When these right wingers use the word "Socialism", we must confront them and simply ask, "what do you mean by Socialism"??? I am sure they have no idea.

  • We have a Moscow Mitch, a Putin's Bitch (Trump), a Leningrad Lindsey and now a Tehran Tom. Yep the Dems are traitors, I don't think so! Republican fascists are the true traitors inn our midst along with their allies-
    White Nationialists.

  • I hope 2020 is a Democratic landslide, not just for president. But, I'm not counting on it. Farron sounds convinced. Maybe he's just thinking positive. The Republicans will wage a war with LOTS of donor money, vote rigging in every way imaginable and fill the airwaves with lies and deception. The Democrats will attempt to put in a middle of the road, milquetoast, corporate war monger candidate and "PLAY NICE" with the Republicans. Because there's really only 1 party. The Corporate, Fascist, Military Industrial, Imperialist Party. Until there's an ACTUAL revolution with millions in the streets, I doubt anything will change. I hope I'm wrong. VOTE! and cross your fingers.

  • Socialism like society itself is pure evil.
    Church "socials"- evil.
    Being "sociable"- evil.
    Social studies- evil
    Social networking – evil.
    Social security- evil.
    Capitalism, now there's a wholesome pursuit!
    Repeatedly promoted in the constitution AND the Bible.
    Because Jesus was a Wall Street kinda guy.
    Found YUGE profit from turning loaves into fishes.

  • This guy is truly is inbred ….. something wrong with him ….what idiots vote for him???? Cotton, like graham, McConnell and gohmert need to be imprisoned for TREASON!!!

  • Who the hell listens to Senator Tom rotten Cotton he's an idiot he's a dope he's a moron and he's many other things nobody listens to him. Senator Tom rotten Cotton who sits in the shadows trying. To keep his racism in the dark everybody knows what Tom Cotton is he's a hater he's a racist and in lockstep right behind Donald Trump. Hey tom rotten cotton wipe that shit off your face

  • The Trumps might want to rethink talking about of socialism. Don Jr said he was protecting his very young daughter from socialism by telling her not to share her Halloween candy. That definition mlakes 99% of Americans socialist. On a more serious note Trump clearly doesn't know that the National German Socialist Workers Party is the full name of the Nazi party The former head of the American Nazi party was running for the House as a Republican. Let's talk actual policies instead of using code words to cover up the lack of alternative policies

  • Progress & Progressivism That's what we need. As a people and as a country. Republicans aren't for change unless it's reversing course and going back to the old way things used to be, and how they want things to stay(politically). They get in their niche like some fearful sea creature and hide till it's safe to come out and live again.

  • No wonder Cotton canceled on The View. Wonder if he'd proud of the following:

  • I live in NZ were we have free health care for all , I had heb c and the government paid for my treatment . That would have cost me over $75,000 or more in the USA . This treatment is available by need and not by ability to pay , which being thats its free here does not enter into it . NZs health system pays for all the health needs of our people from free abortion to the most expensive drug treatments and yet we are not a socialist state , well maybe by gop standards

  • Treasonist Tom (as in turkey) go pick some cotton, please. You would have a grand career at that, don't you know.

  • They "GOP" understand what we the people want, we want what our TAX revenue is supposed to be used for, US. That's why i can't for the life of me understand why the hell people vote republican, because the GOP is stealing our tax revenue. Is it as simple as racism? Guns? Is that why they vote against their and our best interests?
    My fellow Americans who vote republican are not my fellow Americans.

  • According to National Background Checks and Mental Stability, there ain't NO Democrat who should be allowed to own a GUN.

  • How will america go in the next election, going back to decency and be respected across the world or being remembered as the most racist country, the most lawless administration that only benefits rich people and only rich people, so you know it's americas choice, not that treasonous guys that should be in jail

  • This TrumpubliKKKan douche bag is one of the worst nut cases outside an institution for the criminally insane. Yes, Louis the Gomer is also in the same league, and Moscow Mitch, and 45's stooge Leningrad Lindsey are at least as bad. Vote against all these fascist, bigoted, NRA owned, climate change denying deplorables in 2020 and EVERY election going forward!!!

  • No… Its both sides.
    The ones who are crazy are the people voting for the same person. Its the people elected who do the same things over and over again thinking we will be satisfied. It's the people who enable bullshit behavior and give them excuses.

    Craziness is doing everything the same way expecting different results.

  • The deal that the Obama administration reached with Iran is one of the worst made in history! It was not only the worst deal, It was an act of treason and remember that there are no statutes of limitation for acts of treason!

    Talking of treason, no one has ever done America more harm than John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, and the corrupt Obama FBI cabal that orchestrated the Russia hoax in hopes to take down an elected President. We live in a world in which explanations are controlled and the facts are whatever serves the interests of the ruling elites and their agenda. We now hear far more about WHITE SUPREMACY and MISOGYNY from the Marxist Mockingbird Media than we hear about the agendas that control our existence. Identity Politics and class-warfare is used to divide by the Democrats and with the newb quartet of Socialists being the new bat-shit-crazy face of the party, it's loss will definitely be felt in the 2020 US Presidential election as the citizens are waking up to their stupidity in the candidate debates where they are competing as to who is more progressive with sound bites of hot air in hopes poles rise…poleasse
    #Trump2020 – turning 2016 liberal tears into 2020 rivers, it's what I lube my M134 with

  • Tom Cotton , needs to Shut his mouth, why it appears that the Republican party always seems to get into Wars, Big wars to make money and kill the Economy, If we hang with this Administration we'll be back to 2008. So Trump's such a business man ? Why is he trying to start a war, with our Allies? and Bankrupt the USA for his own greedy, lawless, lying, traitors as friends? He's trying to destroy everything an blame it on President Obama or the Clintons.
    And we're paying them to steal and lie for the President go get a spine PLEASE.

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