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How To Learn Sign Language

Travel – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

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10 Replies to “Travel – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)”

  • lovly nice one on travel…. >  very clear very easy to understand, …. was nice to see enjoyed it,,, be great to see some signs on films…. allways a fav ofve mine,,,, thanks Jessica 4 great videos…….

  • This is so cool! I love everything on your channel, and I enjoy the grand variety of content you provide! beautiful look books, fun challenges, helpful makeup tutorials, interesting chats, and now a useful skill/language broken down in an easy was for us to practice! I really enjoy your cheery aura/presence.
    My fiance and I are trying to nail down wedding ideas for next summer's nuptials and I HAD to show her the lovely wedding vid you did. I was like "why can't WE find a mansion like that!" haha but it did give us good ideas. very classy and classic <3

  • This might be a really stupid question but does it matter which way round you do these (like with which hand?) I've been learning them like a mirror image but now I'm wondering if that's wrong 🙈

  • Why am I watching all these BSL tutorials, I live in the U.S. 😂 these are really cool though, I started taking sign language last year and it was super fun, but it was only a six week class. And this year I took French, but I wish I had taken ASL again. Thank god for YouTube!

  • Idk if you already did this, but Id love to see something like, “Where are you from?”, “My name is”, “I know a little BSL”
    I am fluent in English and ASL and id like to learn BSL.

  • Hi Jessica, I have a question about the "visit" sign (I know you and Claudia are having your wonderful trip in Malaysia and Thailand at the moment, but still I hope you'll read this!). You showed two signs: can they be used indifferently or is the first the sign for "visiting" and the second the one for "being visited"? Thank you!

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