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Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2018

Hey there everyone Hitesh here back again with another video. In this video, we’re going to talk about top five programming language that you should really look forward to learn in 2018. Now before you move ahead in this video, I will also mention where you can implement these programming languages. This entire list is made on based on four criterias. The trend on the stack overflow. The trend on freelancer websites. The trend in the job market at MNCs, and the trend in the job market at startup. So really the four essential things that we are going to talk about now This is not only the list of programming language and their implementation I have also got five honorable mentions these languages were so amazing that I couldn’t stop myself That yes these languages really need to be get some credit there So these are honorable mention at the end of the video so without any further ado, let’s get started Just onto a side note here It doesn’t really mean that a language is at 5th position that means it’s a bad language and the language is at first position that Means it’s the best language. These are just the positions that I have figured it out This doesn’t mean it has to be true. You can completely disagree with that so hear me out on this list at number five I’m putting c-sharp here now the reason putting up the c-sharp here was not at all the dotnet framework in the recent here I have seen that the popularity of dotnet framework is Reducing a little not by much a little but the reason why I have put a C shop here is because of game development as Well as the xamarin now game development with unity and everything is booming quite a lot And that’s why this language made it to the list here also with the xamarin You are able to make mobile applications cross-platform are the Android as well as on the iOS native apps using the zamarons so that is the reason why I am putting up c-sharp here amazing language very easy to learn and Really a lot of people who were already into the dotnet market are now trying to move into the zamarons or in the game Development so that’s why this language made it to the list at number Four I would like to put Swift here the reason behind putting the Swift is whether you are talking about top 10 Programming language top 5 swift has to made the list and the only reason behind that is Apple now Yes, I do agree here that there are a lot of haters of Apple on the internet But we cannot skip the fact that Apple is a big deal It sells insanely crazy high amount of devices every single year Regardless of whatever the prices or whatever the highest quality. They are building up They sell the product and this makes a huge ecosystem for you So if you’re looking forward to design any apps that include any kind of Apple ecosystem Maybe that’s an iPhone iPad Maybe a game for Apple or maybe any kind of desktop application the Swift has to be here There is just one way to go inside Apple ecosystem, and that is Swift yes I do completely agree here that there is a big hurdle that in order to get into the Apple ecosystem You have to have an Apple device whether it’s a macbook Mini Beaucaire MacBook Pro. You cannot just code for the Apple ecosystem Outside the Apple ecosystem you have to be inside it here That’s a big hurdle not everybody can afford Apple devices, so that’s the downside But still the market is extremely huge the jobs are really good. It’s high paying job So that’s why Apple made it to the list and yes We had to put it on number for read Swift at number three I would like to put Java here now alongside with Java I would also like to put Cortland here So this is part is shared by two programming language Java and Kotlin this is no surprise this language had to be here the Java is insanely crazy powerful and popular language and Specially the recent increase in the Android apps and the demand of Android developer this language is growing like insanely But not only because the Android there are a lot of web Applications being totally designed in Java so that’s why this language is gonna be on this list But here’s a quick word here that I would like to add on the Java now if you want to become an Android developer Java is a great start But in order to make sure that you add a little bit cherry on the top of your existing resume I would recommend you to learn Catalan as well the Kotlin is now officially supported language for Android development and in fact Already a lot of companies have started to build up their site projects in the Catalan as well So if you want to get an extra edge as an Android developer Get started with Java Make a lot of apps in that but make sure you also learn about the Kotlin as well This will make you stand out from every other person who is there at the interview? This is really an essential edge that you should get at number two in this list I would like to put up JavaScript now this programming language looks like is on steroids This language is growing like insanely crazy now the JavaScript that you are aware of Possibly is not the JavaScript. I’m talking about javascript has evolved quite a lot and with the 2017 edition here it has evolved quite a lot and there were a lot of flaws in the JavaScript. It was not the most personally favorite language for a lot of programmer But it has evolved quite a lot and makes sure we are on the same page we are talking about the 2017 and 2000 teen edition of JavaScript now javascript is perfectly capable and powerful enough to handle almost Everything you can work with the node GS and can rely on the backend with it at the front End you can go with angular or react and completely rely on this This is really the hottest trend in the market if you want to talk about the mobile apps the ionic framework or the react native Framework are completely capable of handling all the iOS as well as the Android app and yes There is a big reason why big companies like? Facebook are completely shifting towards this JavaScript scenario and JavaScript globe here for their web for their mobile Android iOS everything This language I have seen I haven’t seen any language growing this much quickly and this much Powerful this language is growing quite. Ly insane. Whether they talk about web, or mobile This is doing something at our number one list I would like to put Python here now Python has to be on the top of this list and the whole credit goes for machine learning Now this language is already super powerful ready to talk about the pen tester whether talk about the frameworks like Django For designing web apps or maybe you talk about the analysis of the things like machine learning numpy pandas This language has got a great comeback previously this language actually showed a little bit dull sign in the recent time But now again, this language is shining like anything talk about any companies. Whether it’s Google. It’s Facebook It’s Apple all the companies are after the engineers who have strong and thorough knowledge about Python the recent startup are also aware that if they are going to implement machine learning Anyhow in their product their product is gonna scale up quite easily? They will get a high market value and there are great chances that they are gonna be somehow Being purchased by the big giants, so yes without a single doubt in my mind I would say that Python has two made it at number one in this list ok, so this is the list But I do have five honorable mention, and I’ll mention them really really quickly because these are really good and they had to be here 5 PHP amazing awesome and still the highest projects on the websites like freelancer and upwork are and PHP amazing for NGO or also known as goal and really powerful can use a lot of your course and a lot of big companies are looking forward for the engineers of golang number three are Really kind of a rival for python use quite a lot of machine learning as well as well as for data visualization, so yes It’s stealing a limelight of Python a little bit number two C++ implementation In game development as well as for high end research like NS three this language had to be here number one SQL are also known as sequel Really the heard of the internet still and a lot of projects which are still in MySQL or somehow related Sequel is the way how you query to the database not specifically the programming language, but still the hottest trend on stack overflow So had to be mentioned here So this was my top five list of programming language that you should be looking forward to learn in 2018 you have full right to disagree with me And I completely respect your opinion There is always a thing about programming language some people favor one programming language some people favor other programming language And it’s completely fine completely, okay Don’t forget to check out the link in the description below to download the learn code online app for iOS and Android as well There are also some of the links in the description below to learn these programming language, so that’s it for this video I hope you have enjoyed it. Do share it with your friends so that they can also know what’s going on What’s trendy in the programming market? That’s it for this video, and I’ll surely catch you up in the next one

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