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Top 5 programming language for 2020 with Salary and Future trends

welcome to bitfumes and here it’s top
five programming languages for the year 2020 even after that I have three bonus
languages for you that you may look upon so let’s get started and the first thing
I want to tell you is how this list is curated so this list is based upon the
Stack Overflow trend then the TIOBE index of programming languages and the
popularity of programming languages website not only this I have also
checked the future trend and the current market trends that means what value
these languages may provide in the future and what whether they are
providing currently also I have looked upon the salary structure of these
languages so all in all all combination of these platforms and these trends this
list is created so let’s not waste more time and quickly get back to the top
five list and the fifth one in the list is Java so why Java is at number five
because of its difficult learning curve and because of its difficult learning
curve there are not so many developers so many good developers in the market
and the demand of Java is very high so demand is high and the developers good
developers are less so that’s why the salary structure of Java developers is
very nice it is around $40,000 to $80,000 yearly for a good Java developer
Java is 20 year old language but still young it is extremely useful and it is
the main basic language of creating the Android application this language is so
so powerful that it is used by slack google uber Airbnb and what next so this
is very nice and that is why Java is never going to die but there is a little
down in the Java industry because of having Kotlin in
in the terms of creating the Android apps The android application also because of
flutter and react-native kind of things to create the Android application
the java is little down but again all these platforms like Kotlin flutter
react native compiled their codes to the base Java so okay if you have a great
knowledge of Java you will go in to have this language for 2020 and I strongly
recommend to start with the Java if you have not started any other languages so
that is very nice but which language is at number four so let’s move to number
four which is C and C++ it’s same actually C C++ so why C and C++ so C in
C++ I took them C and C++ although they are
two different languages but because they are almost similar and C++ is a advanced
form not advanced but improved form of C language so C C++ is very old but it it
never go old so if you want to start your programming
career I highly recommend you to start with C and C++ because you will get to
know how the memory is managed to how the programming work how the computer
works and because of the proper memory management you can create a fast and
efficient programs coming to the future trends and the gaming industry the big
game complex games are written in C and C++ so 3d games which will be the next
boom in the gaming industry because gaming industry is as big as
entertainment industry so 3d games will also require more and more C and C++
developers because of its efficient memory management and using the all
resources offered devices C in C++ is an ideal language for programming the IOT
devices you know the Python which is widely used
for machine learning and artificial intelligence the most of the machine
learning libraries of Python is also written in C and C++ so there is huge
demand in the future and currently as you know machine learning is big name
and IOT is started so C and C++ developers are in demand again just like
Java C and C++ learning curve is little difficult and that’s the point there is
less good developers and less good developers huge demand salary structure
is again high so the C and C++ telly lies between $50,000 to $80,000 so if
you are going to start your programming career I highly recommend you to start
with a C C++ because this will give you the in-depth knowledge of programming
and if that’s the most important point how the logics are created everything
with C and C++ and now it’s time to move on to the third important language in
the list which is golang now why you need to learn :
because Gulen is very easy yeah it’s very easy also gulang is very efficient
and fast actually Gulen is created by developers at Google around 2012 because
they want a language which is as easy as Python and as efficient and fast as C++
so they come up with a language called goal and maybe go is because of cheapo
of Google I don’t know so Buland basically this language is created to
solve the big infrastructure cloud platforms problems and that is the most
important thing because the companies like Google obviously I don’t we
uber Netflix uses goals extensively and this is the reason you need to learn it
the ultimate the future demand because it is mainly
for devops things to perform the cloud operations I personally consider devop
as the future because there are big data lots of cloud infrastructure networking
soda pop engineers will be in the demand and gulang is the main language and that
is the point you need to learn this language is very very soon
Gulin is also considered as a language of the future because of its efficiency
and easiness it may surpass Python for some cases again Python for some cases
because Python is used in every kind of scenarios so you cannot replace by
tonight every places but on the network kind of things cool and will may replace
with Python you know Google’s Google native and the
docker is written in gulang so what do you want from him language which is easy
as well as fast and coming up to the market trend and salary you know on
Stack Overflow Golan was considered as the top pain language of 2019 and this
will this trend may also be seen on 2020 also and the salary structure for bull
anchors programmer will be around $80,000 and more and that is so cool so
I consider if you want to go higher in your career and if you want to dive into
the future start with a gulang it is a great language and going to boom in the
future now it’s time to move to the second most important and top language
in the list which is JavaScript and JavaScript is very very nice so the
first question why we need to learn JavaScript actually this is not a
caution you must have knowledge of JavaScript initially people have a love
and hate relationship with JavaScript but because javascript is rapidly
evolving and with the use of es6 in text people are loving this language and this
is one of the top languages of 2019 and you know you can create almost anything
like if you want to create a desktop application electron J’s is there if you
want to create a web applications then react angular view GS if you want to
create a mobile application react native is there if you want to handle the
server node GS is there if you want to create the browser plug-ins yeah
javascript can do that also and whatnot so javascript actually the heart of web
99% of website must have such JavaScript in one or any base coming to the future
trend you know in virtual reality field react 360 is taking its place backed by
this book and in machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a
machine learning model we generally use the tensor flow but tensorflow GS is
also there so in the coming future JavaScript is going to take every market
in hand so just like virtual reality and machine learning there may be case that
other fields will also adapt JavaScript as their primary languages coming to the
current market trend and salary structure so currently javascript is
loved by every company every industry so much in demand that every kind of
developer whether he’s react developer Android developer future developer or
any kind of JavaScript related developer is having a good job in any market place
and here is the point because of so much demand that you are going to get your
very easily if you have knowledge of again if you have a good knowledge of
JavaScript especially the JavaScript framework like react view and angular so
you can get $40,000 to $80,000 as a salvage for JavaScript developer if you
have a good knowledge so coming to the first and most important language and I
think you know that it is vital not under them
Python so let’s talk about the Python which is at number one
so why Python because it is in huge demand it is in huge demand since it was
created in 1991 by cuter one rhythm and you know he initially want to create a
language that even children can easily understand so he had created a language
called ABC but because of his love towards the bank called Monty Python he
changed the name of that language and change it with Python so the language
name is because of the band called point Monty Python and not because of the name
of snake and you know Dropbox was mostly written in Python and Udo had worked
with Dropbox because it is considered as the language of beginner it is very very
very easy it is very easy and it snaps right everyone can easily grab this
language you know Google was widely using item even YouTube was initially
written in Python apart from Google Coursera Airbnb and
many big and actually every big company is using Python not only the tech
complete but NASA has also used Python for the programs he written for its
expenditures because of all these things you can create and almost everything
with Python starting from scripting web development
dev op machine learning artificial intelligence Internet of Things and
everywhere you can find Python at every place because it is so easy and so
widely used so coming to the future trend and demand because of its a huge
library for machine learning and artificial intelligence
this language Python is never going to die till one or two or three decades in
my opinion and because it can used for web development the frame looks
like django flasks are competing with other frameworks of other languages and
actually django is now at the top of the creating websites so because it is
having extensive library on these things with the future is very bright for
Python developers and what I can say for current trend currently machine learning
is booming and by without button you cannot think about machine learning so
the salary structure off of i-10 is around $40,000 $200,000 because of its
extensive use in almost every places so I don’t actually need to say anything
for Python if you know a little bit about Python you know that how easy it
is and how widely it is used in every market every company every industry so
every programmer must have the knowledge of Python and if you are going to start
your career start with Python because you will get to know everything on
programming and you can create awesome things with the extensive library and
easiness of the Python so this is the five top five programming languages
listed four year 2020 the fifth one is Java then fourth one is C and C++ third
one is golang second is JavaScript and the first the first is Python yes now
it’s time for the three bonus languages so first one is flutter
he’s young I know it is not a language it is SDK software development kit but
flutter is so easy and the most sellable point of flutter is it’s hot reloaded
you know if you are creating and mobile application you need to build it and the
build take lots of time like 30 second to one minute
but with flutter as soon as you save the code the changes will reflect
instantaneously that they call hot reload and because it is
by Google it is going to be used in everywhere
so with flutter you can create Android and iOS application with single codebase
and that is the most important thing because it is backed by Google Google is
the sting off Android and Android application you will get to know
everything related to Android and related to mobile application
development the competitor of flutter is react native and yeah react native is
very nice but flutter is not behind that they are equal so I like meant to start
your mobile development carrier with flutter and ii am programming language
yes it is a programming language called scala a Scala is a short form of the
scalable language so a Scala is some like something like a big brother of
with Java but it is very nice because the hundred line of code of Java is
reduced to 50 line of code of escala so much written reduction in the code and
obviously if you need to write less code the code is manageable and efficient in
the in the field of Hadoop spark Scala is a new language which you can grab
easily if Scala is known for its concurrent programming that means you
can use some multi-core processor efficiently last but not the least is
PHP you will say why PHP PHP this time no no no PHP is not dying actually PHP
is now evolving rapidly with apps with every new release of PHP there is so
much improvement that the PHP developer ah who is starting to loving this
language initially the primary framework or primary thing which have taken the
PHP alive was WordPress so WordPress is the king of PHP but there is an another
thing which is called narrable so a lateral framework is just not a
framework of PHP I considered level as a full-stack framework because you just
not only create the server handling you can also get the knowledge of how
you can create the front end line with the vue.js and reactive how you can
deploy things like with apology the echo system of wherever is so wide that you
will going to love PHP because 60% of the site all over the world is written
in PHP so there is huge demand of PHP developers because of huge demand if you
want to learn this language you will get jobs very very easily and because this
is evolving language and people are getting into this very rapidly you will
need to use this language for 2020 so all in all this video is going to end
and is a top three bonus languages are flutter again which is not the language
SDK then Scala and the PHP so start with these things
choose any one of these and please please comment below that which language
is good for you which language may are maybe I have forgotten in the list and
what is your list so the comment section has to be filled with your curated list
if what you wanted from these languages and where you see the future will go so
I think this is all about the top 5 programming languages for 2020 with 3
boon of languages so if you got something from this video give it a
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we will meet in the next episode till then good bye

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