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Top 5 Programming Language 2019

Well come all. hope all is well. now I can tell about you top 5 language in
2019. Now if you want to be Software Developer and
you choose Javascript then tell me is it going to work? No, one should choose the right programming
language for right job field. So let’s discuss top 5 programme language
: Javascript: Java script has been ranked no
1 in 2018. It’s very useful and most important programming
language for front end and back end developer. Python: The demand of Python is increasing
rapidly. Python use in various job role. Like:
Data Science Machine Learning
Web Scripting Game Development
IOT Software Development
R programming: R programming is also in demand because of machine learning. There’s a hard competition between Python
and R. R programming is also use in Data Science for data handling. Swift: Swift is very popular language use
to develop mac / apple / iPhone. But swift is not easy to learn and community
of swift is not free or open source, so u might face some problems learning it. C++ /C#: one should have a knowledge in those
language if you want to be Software Developer or working with operating system. C++ is object oriented programming language. You should also have a knowledge in java. C# is using of game development with unity
engine. So those are the top 5 prog language according
to 2019, now let’s talk about which you need to learn. If you want to be Software Developer then
go for c++/C# and also java. For mac/iPhone developer learn Swift. Want to be Data Scientist? Go for Python or R.
Web Designer? Must learn Javascript

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