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Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

– Hey you, in this video
I’m gonna be showing you the top four programming
languages to learn in 2019 to get a job without a college degree. The way that I’ve ranked these languages, just like my last video. They’re based on three things: Number one. The time it takes even
an absolute beginner to go from complete zero
and ultimately getting a job without needing a college degree. Number two, the job market. Now this is the most
important one you guys, this is what you’re here for, the salary, how much money are you making. And number three, productivity. How fast can you go from
conception of an idea to a completely coded application that another person can use. Lastly, I’ll be showing you the Conor McGregor and the Khabib of the programming languages. Oh, by the way, I have
a picture with Khabib. And I’ll also reveal to you
the programming language that has officially been Googled
more than Kim Kardashian. So without any further ado,
let’s jump right into it. (intense music) This is Rafeh Qazi also
known as Papa Python from Papa Python is officially
my brand new title. So, now we’re going to cover the top four programming languages to learn in 2019 to get a job without needing a college degree. Number four, C++. I got a lotta heat for
not putting this one in my last video, so I decided
to put it in this video. Now, this programming
language is very powerful, people from software development all the way to game
development are using it. If you’ve ever heard of
the engine called Unity, that’s using C++, and if
you can program in C++, you can also use Unity
to create awesome games. However, it’s a difficult
programming language to get started with. It’s kinda like if you
wanted to learn how to swim and your big brother just takes you and throws you in the ocean, and he’s like, go figure it out. So C++, just to recap,
great programming language, great salary, not good to start off with. And the salary for C++, a $115,000 a year. Number three, Swift. Swift is a native iOS programming language used to create things in the App Store. So how freaking cool is that, imagine you are going through your iPhone and you go to the App Store,
and when you download stuff all of that is made using Swift. Swift also comes from the
C programming languages, so it came from Objective C, and then C++ happened and all that. So it’s similar to C. Now if you know C++ you’re gonna be able to
learn Swift pretty quickly. Con for this is the same as C++, because it comes from the C family, it’s naturally a lot
harder to start off with. If I’m using technical
terms, you wanna start off with the more dynamic programming
language, this is static, which makes it harder
to learn as a beginner. Now Swift is really good
for freelancing work, entrepreneurial work, if you
wanna build your own startup. And it’s really good for
getting a full-time job. The average salary of a Swift developer is $110,000 per year,
according to Number two, JavaScript. Now, who I’m introducing you to, I like to call the Conor
McGregor of programing. How should I describe JavaScript? It’s awesome, it’s cool, it has style. It’s super popular, it’s at
the tip of everybody’s tongue, it’s always trending, it wears a nice suit and it’s the most popular when
it comes to web development. Now, I’m gonna talk about, not such good sides of JavaScript. Like Conor McGregor, JavaScript
keeps changing a lot. So, Conor McGregor going to
boxing, coming back to UFC. JavaScript, it always has a
lotta new things coming out which completely changed its language. So if you’re a beginner, yes
it’s an easy language to learn. It’s a lot easier to learn than Swift, it’s a lot easier to learn than C++. But, there’s so many ways
of doing the same thing that it can make you fall
into traps and confuse you. And like Conor McGregor, it has again, many new features and new
things coming into it, right? So for example, oh React is hot, or Node is hot. And new frameworks keep being added and new features to the
language keep being added and it’s hard to become
really really good at it, especially when you’re
just starting out, okay? So when you’re starting out, you wanna do something that’s simple, that works every time. And then you can come to the fun stuff, the hot and the exciting stuff. That’s how I would describe JavaScript. Great Language, by the
way, and really really fun. I love it myself. The average salary for
a JavaScript developer is $110,000 per year. Now, moving on to the most powerful and amazing
programming language. Number one. (drum roll) Erlang. Did I trick you there? Because it’s not Erlang, it’s Python. Why is this the number
one programming language? Well, let me start my friend. This is the part that gets me excited, this is the part I made
this entire video for, just so I could talk about Python. It’s officially been Googled more than Kim Kardashian in 2018. That should just be reason
enough, go start doing Python, just quit this video. The second reason, is that
it’s kinda like Khabib. It’s very relaxed, calm, doesn’t talk about all
these new modules coming out and new frameworks coming out, but it can do all of the
heavy lifting that you need. Instagram is built with Python, YouTube is built with Python, Google is built with Python, Reddit is built with Python, Quora is built with Python, Hipmunk is built on Python, NASA runs on Python. And actually just two
days ago I was in Canada and I was at a D-Wave
quantum computing event with CS Dojo and Siraj Raval, and they revealed to us quantum computing. And guess what programming language the quantum computing people are using? Okay guys, I’m here with. – Moshino. And he works at D-Wave. What framework are you using? – Django. – Boom! That’s right, Python. Another thing that’s very hot for Python is called data science. With data science,
Amazon uses data science to recommend to you stuff that you never even
thought that you needed. Netflix recommends you
movies, you’re like, I didn’t even know I
wanted to watch this movie and I watched it and
it’s freaking awesome. When you use your phone and
it recognizes your face, whether you’re laughing, crying, smiling, you have a weird face, that’s using data science
and machine learning. And Python is very heavy on data science and machine learning. Those salaries go from like $100,000 to something crazy like
two, 300 or even $400,000. Another thing I want you
to know about Python is, it’s the fastest-growing
programming language. So it has beat out other
programming languages like PHP. It’s also the most wanted
programming language according to the Stack
Overflow 2018 survey. And it’s on its way to become the most popular programming
language in the world. Oh, and one important thing
that I did not mention, it’s the best one to start off with, especially if you’re a beginner. The learning curve is almost none, you can run it even online, and you can start building things with it very very very quickly. So, in my mind, if you could
start off with something simple and built things that’s really powerful. And it’s future-proof, so you can be using it for years to come. Let’s say even if you want to learn programming languages like C++. Because let’s say you wanna
become a Unity game developer, I totally understand. Or let’s say you wanna learn Swift because you want to develop iOS apps, or maybe you wanna learn JavaScript ’cause it’s kind of like Conor McGregor and maybe you like Conor McGregor and you like nice suits
and nice frameworks, that’s totally okay too. If you start off with Python, you can very quickly and easily jump to JavaScript and learn it, jump to C++ and learn it or jump to Swift and learn it. So I want you to start off with
Python if you’re a beginner. With that said, Python
average salary for developers is a $116,000 a year. Now, I would like to show you
the salary for all of these. So here is the salary for C++ developer, a Swift developer, a JavaScript developer and a Python developer. Everybody makes really good money. What’s most important to understand is which of these falls in line with your ultimate vision
and your ultimate plan? Look if this video helped you and you want to dive in
and go a little bit deeper, I have a three-part epic masterclass, it’s un-freaking-believable
and it will blow your mind. There’s a three-part master class along with an exclusive training. All of these are
completely free of charge. So in this, I wanna show you
how you can be on your path to start becoming a six-figure developer. I also show you the
different job opportunities that exist in the market, and I lay down the specific
path for you to go from… Maybe if you’re a beginner
right now, all the way to, how can you get freelancing clients or get a full-time job or maybe
even build your own startup. I lay down the entire foundation, I put down this three epic
part training, completely free. It’s in the description
below in the YouTube video, if you’re watching it on
YouTube just click the link. I want you to go to that master class, just put in your email and it will send you all those videos. All right my friend, that is it, that is all I have for you today. Thank you so much for watching this. I love you, I appreciate
your beautiful face. That’s it. And I’ll see you in the next video. (intense music)

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