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Top 4 Dying Programming Languages of 2019 | by Clever Programmer

100 Replies to “Top 4 Dying Programming Languages of 2019 | by Clever Programmer”

  • What are the top 4 declining programming languages in your opinion? Drop your comments below and let me know. Also, what did you think about this video?

  • If you are a real programmer you dont care whether a particular language is trending or not.

    Whether python or etc.. still they were written either c, c,++, Java.

    Concentrate on logic rather than a language

  • Free tip :
    Want a job,
    Then learn the lesser known and used language(s)/technologies , because every Smart ass and college kid is learning the latest and/or the most widely used one(s).What are your chances that you will get selected out of 10,000 or 20,000 applicants??.
    It is knowing the unknown that will make you stand out.I know , because i was a mainframe programmer and I learnt the lesser known technologies/languages even in the mainframe platform which in itself is now a lesser known field with few young ppl willing to learn.I was always called for certain specific interviews where for one job there would hardly be 3 to 4 applications and easily managed to get the jobs.

  • very strong backend developer using python 😁 really funny! no professional programmer uses an interpreted language as his main tool. it is inefficient as hell. python is popular because it is easy to learn and has many tools and libraries. also you need no computer science background to use it. it is popular among amatures and there are so many of them!!!

  • Perl, Ruby? Using Google Statistics, Using YouTube views? Seriously! Please don't do that dude. And if you are viewing it don't take that from reality ok? It's totally bullshit.

  • Absolutely bullshit video. I learned visual basic and I work as a vba programmer. There are people who claim that they are java, c++, python experts and are still jobless. The important take away is to learn something which you actually can learn in depth. No need to learn a language if you cannot become a pro in that.

  • what about java…It is the second popular programming language right now. You haven't covered in this video. Is that preferable to learn java

  • Google trends could actually means how many searches being made, for example if u are working on python based software and u kinda stuck and u look on google to find solution. So that counts as an index. So on and on

  • I use vb6 back then but when free languages started to pop up, I had a bad feeling vb would die soon and started playing around with java applets… which is kinda frustrating due to restrictions😣. Ended up with gcc and javascript 😅

  • Popularity has almost nothing to do with what you should learn.

    A kid got a job for knowing how to do things on a mainframe.

    Learn a language find a job in that language if you want to transfer to another then do that.

    Views don't matter.

    The field shifts crazily. So just learn and be able to adapt.

  • I'm still trying to figure out why someone would use youtube views as a defining factor as to whether a language is dying. That language could easily have been heavily promoted (linked from another video, blogs, used for a class, etc.) and that's why it was heavily viewed.

  • Your metrics are way off. Javascript on its own ain't cool, most people search react/vue/angular and those numbers should be added to your JS metrics. There was a time that a programming language would define your field of work (backend/frontend/devops), now with node you can do everything with JS and while the language remains the same that's where the similarities end. It's like applying for a Java job and once you get your hand on their code you have zero clue what it is about because of all those legacy libraries they are using.

    Good thing is once you are fluent in one language it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to be productive in another one, so comparing languages is kinda useless.

  • just learn C and C++. everything else comes and goes but C/C++ is forever and everything is based off those 2. if you only have to learn one language go with C. C++ introduces object oriented. then Java and Python are next on the list.

  • Programs never die, enhancement will come on programs ,are you mad.?
    First you have to know.
    What is platform?
    What is applications ?
    What is the business ?
    Like one man cannot work in all the scenarios. Some of them cook well some of them drawing well,some of the social attention.
    One program cannot do all operation,
    database will communicate backend code ,backend code will communicate UI.
    May be your not programmer, you need YouTube views.
    Please don't mislead junior developer, who wants learn coding.

  • Tiobe does not rank Objective-C higher than C even thought there are more websites for Objective-C. In fact, C is ranked a lot higher. Second highest to be exact.

  • "no matter the trend is, just stick to what language you really love, as long as it does what you want." I think I love that phrase.

  • Don't learn this language, don't learn that language, bla bla bla. If the job or skills require you to master that your language, then what? Focus on skills more than more on programming languages. I don't really care about programming languages.

    For me, if you apply for job in a market that is saturated, that's your problems. I have learnt that I am better off learning some niche functional programming languages and work for top companies demanding that skills rather than working on overcrowded front end jobs.

  • Free/Libre and open source software use ruby and ruby on rails for decentralized platform such as diaspora and mastodon and Metasploit framework for pentesting developed by rapid7 so I don't think it will die soon in my opinion.
    Perl is dying because developers are struggling with two versions which are version 5 and 6. But it won't die because GNU/Linux uses perl 5 not because of preinstalled but because of programs must be included for the system's programs to work.

    Technically Visual Basic is shell scripting but we can replace it with Windows powershell instead.

     I know we have python to replace them, but I want to know can we abandon it or not? That is the question must be answered.

  • Not so sure about your analysis. The number of views can be interpreted in different ways. May be because a lot of personne are doing tutorials about js. So when you are looking for one you will have tons of. That can split the numbers of views. But if you only have a few tutorials. Then of course the number of views will be concentrate!!

  • What if high search stats indicate that people are having trouble with a language so they look for help, and low search stats are people now using the language productively instead of needing help 😆

  • My former coworker laughs in his full time Cobol programming job where he ok only works about 4 hours a week. Then runs a cobol consultancy retainer with 5 other firms to fill up another 3 hours.

  • Be a follower, not a leader. Be a lemming not a programmer. Be a mindless fashion consultant, not a programmer.

    Pretend you can program in 10 languages when it takes a decade to really learn and be competent in a single one.

    This video is pure Faggotry.

  • Another language I never warmed up to is Scala, but there were companies like Twitter that had a lot of love for it. Don't hear much enthusiast talk about Scala these days – not in my circles, anyway

  • Learn Perl and anything becomes easier, at least 16,000 biz out there using it. There were a couple versions released under 1mb that you can throw into sys32 and tell AS to pound sand. Good luck debugging python white space. I do not need heaps of modules and libraries I will never use. Everyone has their opinion.

    Java, Python, PHP and JS are for the lazy programmers and C++ and good old assembly are for the people that want to spend lunches with memory buffers? Have fun. 18 weeks per language probably avg time learning, much longer if distracted. PHP 7 a lot better I am told.

  • javascript is the right language. It's only a matter of geeks like AI and Bioinformatics programmers pulling their heads out.

  • practically speaking, i mean with no prejudice, C++ is the only language one must know with it u can do things that are both close to machine language and the english language. C is too close to machine language and Java does not let you do memory management and Python too close to human language so u can't use those two languages for hardware programming/robotics or game dev in AAA level. my humble opinion that no1 probably cares about is for EVERYONE who wants to become a software dev to learn C++ first and then when he learns it till intermediate level, move on to a lang that is popular in their favorite field or keep on learning c++ and mastering it.

    once you know c++ on intermediate level u know enough about how computers work to develop anything from games to websites so learning another language will only be a matter of learning a new syntax.

  • Listen pal! Absolutely never, NEVER trust YouTube stats for ANYTHING!! They have an agenda and improving YOUR ability to contribute and control your digital environment is absolutely NOT part of that agenda!!

  • Brother – I am a programming lead and let me tell you both the indexes are misleading. Why the view is less? Well here are my thoughts

    1. People will search for something which is less easy to learn so that they can grab materials here and there
    2. Being a python and js developer myself , let me tell you , JS is much simpler to learn compared to Python and used extensively in both FE and BE . Proof ? Well if you go for express framework , little or no configuration and people can try and develop things on their own . Go for python framework like django , god knows how configurations are created and where
    3. One more thing , if you give example of YOUTube and Google . Well python is owned by google and so is YouTube . It’s like checking react views and saying “oh god , angular has more views , so react is not so popular”
    4. In the coming days , node js is gonna drive the APIs and back end as this event driven environment is superb and react /angular taking away the front end . I think you well know what language drives them 😜

  • Popularity isn't everything. I'm not going to drop PHP for Python. Python searches on Google and YouTube are high because Universities teach a little bit of Python in 101 courses. That doesn't make it a great language.

  • JS = NodeJS on backend is that so difficult to digest? NodeJS + Dockers = Microservices 🤩 is that so hard to digest too?

  • c & c++ is a major language in product based companies. they are paid higher and have better quality work than java. java is 90% used in service based companies.

  • Python has gained popularity because of growing interest in machine learning and deep learning, large communities of researchers, university folks. But not all enterprise works are related to python. And javascript has both front-end and server side frameworks, so it has gained great ground. C and C++ has different communities, like people developing core IOT libraries. It will be incorrect to tell they are dying

  • Python is just hyped! 😅 Yeah your data from google only shows that it has more searches! But who are the people on the market searching? How about the number of companies using these languages or number of projects using these languages. Yeah numbers don't lie but you are missing some factors. Ex: more searches from beginners, less searches for advanced programmers. Or in what field are these programming language are used? Don't not just based on the number of searches or views.

    I've already heard that these languages are dying years ago, yet they are still here kicking!

  • 5 years of data is the undergrads who learned some trendy new scripter in their 2nd year undergrad. Not what is getting used in major software projects.

  • Spinning facts to mislead. People aren't searching for Javascript as much because they're searching for Angular, React, Vue, etc…aka Javascript. If searches is your only metric and only for a specific term, you're going to have bad data.

  • Demand for a language is determined by employers and customer need, not the number of searches done by people who don’t know the language.

  • Javascript is widely used on .Net platform with html. Though it is a scripting language so developer or designers used it easily through call functions. Don't say it useless …

  • PHP and Phyton have different platform from .net and Java… Phyton has platform known as "Zangho". But microsoft have mobile application, software/windows application, web application, web services. Then why look here and there …

  • It is not really good to use popularity as a basis of what pl to learn. But it can serve a benchmark on what type of pl to learn.

  • Most programming languages in use today, even the so called dying languages, are written in C. Very few languages are self-hosting, like C.

    Go figure…

  • The internet just amplifies the herd-mentality of humans.

    30 years ago it was – OOP

    25 years ago – Java this and Java that.
    20 years ago – .Net

  • One should never use a list like this to determine where one wants to go in their career. First, figure out what you want to do computing-wise, then learn what languages are most commonly used in THAT discipline, then go learn THAT language or THOSE languages. For example, PHP might be popular, but you won't find kernel drivers written in PHP, nor will you likely find C prevalent in web development. Figure out what the best tool for the task at hand is, not what's "popular". Popularity is irrelevant on its own.

  • Did you ignore the fact that Python is the most used language for programming classes in high school, colleges and in universities? Majority of people consuming python tutorials are students. Although there's nothing wrong with that, but related to your question: "Why would less people be searching for something if there were more demand for it?" More students around the world are looking up Python because they need it in class.

  • Still now many companies are working with Java … So I'm hearing from others that opening for python developers has less scope… Than the Java… Experience folks in python will easily get a job… But for a freshers it's little hard to get a job… Whether this is correct… What's ur opinion

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