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Top 3 Drones Under 200 Dollars Buy Amazon 2019

hi guys welcome to our YouTube channel
we test drive really cool gadgets and give you the best reviews the day we
have three inexpensive drones that you can buy within two hundred dollars first
up the global drone GD 89 you couldn’t tell that this is a 60 bucks drone I
mean the design and workmanship here is nothing short of amazing hard plastic
folding body design with a whopping 1080p HD camera modular battery with
power indicator so you can rest assured to get longer flight time compared to
other more expensive drones it also has a one-button takeoff and landing and
hover flight function real-time screen transmission as expected the GD 89 HD
camera can operate the mobile phone for photos and video recording and you can
do all this while you roll and hover the one-click home function makes it
specially easy to bring the drone back to the controllers location next up on
this list of three is the yang F 196 also a foldable design but slightly
larger than the global drone another difference is that it flies for a longer
period of time the size is perfect for storage in a backpack
the drones onboard camera packs a punch with some 1080p HD resolution you can
use gestures to activate auto recording while mid-flight smart stuff worth it
given that it also comes with intelligent tracking function perfect if
you want to vlog while you walk lastly we have the JJ Pro if you need more
advanced drone capabilities this one Trump’s the previous two also comes
priced a tad more at one hundred and fifty dollars what we say it’s totally
worth it to start with the next-gen body comes stock with an electric speed
control system that is armed with a GPS positioning kit for finding that perfect
hovering location and unshakeable stability it has an outstanding 2k
quality high def resolution for mid-flight video recording capable of
capturing beautiful videos that have negligible
jitter perfect for aerial videos tracking a focal target the camera angle
can be adjusted from the controller allowing you to take Hollywood type
movies with the least effort the 5g Wi-Fi communication link supports
connectivity to your smart phone with virtually instant relay of footage and
even faster response rates to your control commands which one should you
buy well if budget is of concern go with the 60 bucks versions the spare but if
you want performance the JJ Pro is the price King that’s it for now guys hope
you get to try any of the drones we showed you and let us know your
experiences in the comments section below also don’t forget to subscribe and
turn on notifications to get the latest gadget reviews and updates from our
Channel till next time Cheers

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