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Tips for Communicating with People with Aphasia

7 Replies to “Tips for Communicating with People with Aphasia”

  • I have it too and when people won't take the time to listen to me I tell them it's like tourettes, and then I swear at them.

  • My brother cannot even have a conversation and struggles with the easiest of words except yeh and no oh and "fucking he'll " which he uses both for when he's angry and when he's laughing at something . Communication is very hard and frustrating for him when he can't make us understand but sometimes he just chuckles at himself but has a look of someone with the beginnings of dementia although he still recognized family etc. It's so debilitating and made worse because he doesn't get speech therapy as he's been let down very badly in my opinion by health professionals who think because he says no if they ask him if he wants it that he means no but his yes and nos are not reliable we were told by doctor

  • I have to search for words and put them through most of the time i can't find right words. This affected me in the year 2001 when i was 11 years old and still sufferingt. I lost my whole life, education, my carreer. Too scared to go to a job, any job never been to any work because of this. Too scared to tell my parents, brothers. I don't come out of my house, lost social contact with my friends. My friends are flawlesswith thier speech and they easily interupt me when I try talk and they overtake. Feels so demeaning that I always kept quite around my friends, felt alone all the time some of my friends don't even speak to me any more when they are around me. Starts to sweat when im in a crowd, stammering with words, embarrassing, thoughts are running constantly.
    I really don't know what did i do deserve such a life im 30 years old now. I don't know what to do..I just don't know what to do

  • I've had aphasia for nearly forty years and no-one helped me, in fact, until five minutes ago I never knew there was any sort of therapy for it.
    You're young enough to get completely well. Keep up the good work.

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