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Tihar Jail Preparing To Hang Nirbhaya’s Rapists

We all know that in Delhi a very dangerous incident occured with Nirbhaya on 16th December 2012. 4 men raped Nirbhaya on a moving bus and they insert rod in her private parts. It was very dangerous. She died in a Singapore hospital. When the Indians heard about this they got very angry. The 4 rapist were arrested. For the last 7 years, the case was going on. The judge had ordered to hang the 4 rapist. After getting death penalty from judge the victims had the rights such as appealing against the death penalty with the high court or petition a mercy plea to the President. They have various options But now the convicts’ legal options are exhausted. They confirmed their death penalty. Tihar’s officials quietly begun preparations to hang the four rapists. The date of the execution is not yet known. An order for 10 ropes has been placed at Bihar’s Buxar jail. The rope should be of high quality, and shouldn’t be sharp like kite’s string. It must be strong and of good quality. When a person is hanged, the rope must not slit his throat. The rope must only break the neck. That’s the rule. An anonymous police official said that all preparations are ready for the execution of the rapists. The four accused are not in the same jail cell. They have been placed in separate cells and are under constant CCTV surveillance. On 9th December 2019, the Tihar Jail authorties said that the accused weighed approximately 70-80kg. They carried out a trial execution by using a dummy weighing 70-80 kgs. They did this to make sure there were no problems and the rope would not snap. Now that everything is ready, the four accused will be hanged soon. Officials have already inspected iron beam, wooden plank, and lever. However the Tihar jail doesn’t have an executioner. They have asked Uttar Pradesh for a executioner. When Constable S Subash Srinivasan from Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu heard that Tihar Jail does not have an executioner, He wrote a letter to the Director-General of Police, Tihar jail. In the letter he said that he wants to be the one to execute the four rapists. He said that if he is called for the execution he will work for free and won’t take any money.

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