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How To Learn Sign Language

Three Year Old Reading to Little Brother Using Sign Language

Colors What is this color? Red! How do you spell red? R E D MOM: How do you sign red? MOM: Right What do you think this animal is? That’s right, dog And how do you sign dog? That’s right Yellow How can you sign yellow? Like this What that animal? Bear! Right! YELLOW And how you sign bear? YELLOW Yeah! Like that. Yay! Noah, nope, I’m reading. What’s this color? Blue. What is that animal? Elephant How do you sign blue? Like this. MOM: How do you sign elephant? What is this color? MOM: What color is that? Green. How do you sign green? Like this. Which animal is this? Frog How do you sign frogs? Like this. MOM: Great job Matthew, you read the whole book. MOM: Do you say colors? MOM: Colors. The colors book. Noah, do you want me to read this to you one more time? MOM: Yeah. Okay.

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