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Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog in American Sign Language

Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog author Sarah Swan Miller, illustrations True Kelley, ASL storyteller Lori Schmidt. Hello! My name is Lori Schmidt. I’m going to read you some stories. The title of the book is Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog written by Sarah Swan Miller, illustrated by True Kelly. Does your dog sleep a lot? Do you know why? Maybe your dog is bored. When you feel bored, you can read a book. But dogs can’t read. Here’s a good way to make your dog happy. You can read these stories out loud. Your dog will like them. They are about the things that dogs understand best. Don’t forget to pet your dog while you read. Come here, good dog! Sit down. Listen up. This story is just for you. Three Stories. The first chapter is titled The Burglar. ONE DAY you were taking a nap. There was nothing else to do. All at once, you heard THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! “Wow!” you said to yourself. “A burglar! A burglar is knocking on the door!” You ran to the door. “Bark!” you said. “BARK BARK ARK ARK ARK ARK ARK ARK ARK ARK!” Was the burglar still there? The door was big and thick. You could not see what was on the other side. Maybe the burglar was still there! “BARK BARK BARK!” you said. “BARK BARK ARK ARK” Look! Your friend was coming to help! Your friend was wearing big boots. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! went the boots. “You silly dog!” said your friend. “Stop barking! No one is there. Look. I will show you.” Your friend opened the door. The burglar was gone! You scared him away! “What a big, scary dog I am!” you said to yourself. What a big, scary, brave dog!” All of a sudden you felt very tired. It is hard work being a brave dog. You curled up on your bed. And you went back to sleep. I hope you enjoyed the story. And I hope you enjoy your dog.

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