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How To Learn Sign Language

Three-Letter Word Practice for American Sign Language Alphabet (ABC, ASL, fingerspelling)

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100 Replies to “Three-Letter Word Practice for American Sign Language Alphabet (ABC, ASL, fingerspelling)”

  • @lynzdavampire Nope. Body and face are a part of the videos because body and face are also a part of fingerspelling. You should get into the habit of watching the signer's face instead of their hands as this is the best way to "read" signing. Good luck!

  • @jaimiered337 Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! You're welcome to start with the ABC video until you have the alphabet down well, then come back to this video. Keep trying!

  • Thanks for the realistic practice. I have taken 3 semesters of ASL with "A's" at college level but still 'hate' fingerspelling because I am no good at it. This is wonderful practice and realistic and I am using your videos to make improvement everyday!

  • I just started ASL at school and have memorized the ABC's in a few hours. this is way too fast for me. anything slower???

  • Speed of the spelling seems fine to me. Like reading in English I assume that over time one gains a lot of sight-words and can recognize common morphemes without having to "count" all the separate letters.

  • Please don't take this the wrong way because I really enjoy your videos and they are great learning tools should put the answers on youtube. You would make more money on youtube being a partner than on another website. Your skills are good enough to earn money obviously but there is a great market for educational videos as far as youtube. More people will come back and more people will subscribe (with answers)! IMO. Best of luck in whatever you do though. Great idea this video 🙂

  • Thank you for this video! I'm practicing to become an interpreter and the fingerspelling is my worst downfall. Watching this video makes me realize that I'm mixing up 'a' vs 'e' and also 'r' vs. 'u'. It's good to pinpoint just what my mental conflict is to sharpen my receptive skills! Thanks for not being all formal with your forming of letters- your hand looks very natural like we'd see in a real conversational or interpreting setting.

  • is it true that you have to pay for access to the answers to this video? i went to your site, and when i tried to find the answers to this, it sent me to a package that i would have to pay for. i just think that's not very upstanding. it's like you're telling someone you'll give them a free makeover and then doing half their face. you should say that this is a partial release as a promo for your for-pay site.

  • Thanks! Glad you like the videos. In ASL classes, always try to sit as close to the teacher as possible. Don't be afraid to ask the teacher to repeat things. I realize you can't ask the signer in a video to repeat themselves and some signs can be difficult to see, that's why I will demonstrate some signs from different angles. Hope this helps!

  • I think is fair enough to pay for somebody work. Ask in your neighborhood how much you have to pay for ASL classes, then you will be grateful with this teacher.

  • Thankssssss!!! All your videos are GREAT, and helpful.
    I just started learning ASL, and I realize that having a Left handed teacher is the best way to learn. Thanks God I found you. I already registered on your website. Good luck! and thanks again.

  • As a Deaf individual who is fluent in ASL and as a certified ASL teacher, I can assure you that my signs are accurate and recognized/used by Deaf on a national level and are not a local dialect.

  • I like your video! I am learning ASL and it's hard! It's like Steve Martin said-" The French, they have a different word for everything!"

  • There is if you pay on his website…I'd give you them but I think that would be pretty rude to him. :/ Sorry.

  • I keep practicing with this and the 4 letter word video. Very helpful for my sunmmer recceptive skills class. Thanks for all your videos.

  • Hi Rob.  I am a teacher at S.F Austin High School and I take Sharon Till's beginning ASL class.  She suggested I watch your videos to practice. They are amazing and Sharon is an amazing teacher as well.  Thanks, Tracy

  • Got the first ten (I think) but it's hard to find the answers on the website, I don't see anywhere you can sign up? Here are my first 10 answers: Her

  • watch in 0.25 speed using the settings, then move up to .5, then watch normal. That helped me learn to read his words faster.

  • Thank you so much, I've already learned some more complicated signs but my fingerspelling is terrible! Working hard to improve! Got all of them after some time

  • Peace & Blessing Rob my name is Karyl I am an ASL1 student at Columbus State Community College. I enjoyed viewing your video. I will watch more. This one was pretty easy to follow. I am also left-handed. Do you find it more difficult to learn ASL w/ your left hand being dominant?

  • I'm a signer and I cannot understand how you are signing your numbers. For me it's 0-N-E, then T-W-O, then T-H-R-E-E. Also, I sign the numbers by just the actual numeral. What the hell are you signing to me?

  • Rob, I love this video. As an ASL student in my second class, finger spelling continues to be my most difficult skill to develop. This video along with your 4-letter word practice has helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • Rob, I love this video. As an ASL student in my second class, finger spelling continues to be my most difficult skill to develop. This video along with your 4-letter word practice has helped me a lot. Thank you!

  • Is there an answer key? That would be super useful to make sure I am understanding correctly. Thank you.

  • Me, on the very first word: H-E-R… That isn't a word!!
    Me, a few seconds later: ….Oh…

    I am /so/ smart.

  • This would be much easier if you included the actual words in the comments so we can at least see if we've gotten it correct. As a beginner, finding the comment below showing the actual words made a difference for me.

    anyway, thank you for taking the time to do this!

  • This is exactly what I've been looking for. The websites that show fingerspelling are really choppy because they have each letter filmed and then thrown together to form a word. This let's me see how each letter flows. I'm in my first year of ASL and the receptive part of fingerspelling has been really hard for me.

  • As a hearing ASL tutor, I love that you have made these videos! It gives my students someone else's hands to see. Also, like someone else on the feed mentioned, you sign them as words instead of individual letters. That makes the work so much more natural. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the video! For some feedback, I struggled to tell the difference between T and N several times as the "book" sign shows the thumb on T to be straight.

  • Your fingerspell is lazy and unclear. Turn your hand toward the person you're signing to. Your E's look like M's, and vice versa. Your T's look like sloppy N's.

  • On number 29, second go through. You barely lift your pinky finger half way to form the 'I' before you do the next letter.

  • As others have mentioned, I find it much too fast to practice as a beginner. Not the lettering per se, but one word flip so quickly into the next I don't even have time to think about the answer or pause it before it's onto the next one. Trying to pause and rewind for each one was just too much trouble. I imagine it will be a good resource later on, and thanks for posting it.

    Continuing the search for something slower…

  • the only problem i have with this video is the quality of the video! i just cant see some of the letters because of how pixelated it is

  • Thank you for this video! All the others I've found seem to take extra time to make their hand shape overly perfect and distinct, so it doesn't really help with real life comprehension. I do have to set the speed down, but it's really helpful and I am looking forward to being able to up the speed!

  • I have no idea why people are saying your fingerspelling is sloppy when THEY are here to practice themselves from someone who is literally Deaf . people are so rude and have no idea what they're talking about, im so sorry! your spelling is obviously fine and thank you so much for making videos like this!

  • I actually think this fingerspelling speed is just perfect for my receptivity skill level! I'm still a beginner, but not like a beginner-beginner, so I've started to get frustrated with many other receptivity videos because the spelling is sooooooo sloooooow. I got almost all of the words on the first or second try, missed only a few both times! Thank you for posting!

  • I just learnt the ASL alphabet today I’m finding this video very clear thank you. I appreciate you repeating each sign.

  • Are thr answers viewable some place. I am registered on your website but domt see the answers for this quiz

  • I am a brand new signer and really appreciate you taking the time to make this video. That said, I had a very hard time on Word 16. I assume it is GUY but the U really looks like an R.

  • My daughter and I recently started Scuba Diving. While dive training has some common diving term signs, we recently started teaching ourselves the ASL alphabet to increase the things we can communicate underwater. We could bring a slate, but this is much more flexible.
    A dive instructor once said "underwater, we all lose the power of speech communication".
    My brain still has to remember the letters and decode the words. It is still slow going but videos like yours provide practice material!
    Thank you!

  • I went through the fifty words, and wrote them down. But now I can not locate the "answers" that you indicate are available on your website. Bummer.

  • Amazing video, thanks!

    This is what I got:

    1. her
    2. art
    3. him
    4. ear
    5. jaw
    6. lap
    7. get
    8. die
    9. bet
    10. fin
    11. mad
    12. lie
    13. may
    14. car
    15. fan
    16. guy
    17. tip
    18. bat
    19. lad
    20. tap
    21. dot
    22. Don
    23. key
    24. sum
    25. boy
    26. Dan
    27. pat
    28. hit
    29. mix
    30. his
    31. ate
    32. get
    33. eye
    34. bad
    35. lot
    36. for
    37. kin
    38. leg
    39. add
    40. man
    41. Ben
    42. jam
    43. hay
    44. kit
    45. oil
    46. met
    47. top
    48. sun
    49. max
    50. jet

  • First, I find it sort-of distracting having your hand pop up and down each time. Wish you could just move your hand back into place to start the next word. Second, I never know if I do have the word correct because It moves along so fast I lose track even with a list. Might be good to finger spell the word twice (with 5 seconds between each to allow the brain time to comprehend and reset), and then show the word on a card or on screen. Just a thought 🙂

  • Slowed it to .25 and it was too slow. Went through it once at 0.5 and got them all so immediately upped it to .75 and that's perfect for now, so I guess choose the speed that works for you and then increase it as it gets too easy…

  • for a while i was scared of this guy cuz he spelled DIE on number 8 and he looked like he was going to kill me


    now im not

  • Why don't you give answers after your videogame? Honestly how would you expect one to know they are right?

  • Love the video ! Definitely helping me learn to sound out the words as I watch others sign them which has made it 10times easier for me to read fingerspelling

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