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This Christmas, be part of an extraordinary change with the Aminata Maternal Foundation.

Merry Christmas everyone at the Aminata Maternal Foundation community What a fantastic year it has been, Ami What’s been your highlight this year? Merry Christmas! My highlight is absolutely our trip in April to Sierra Leone 2019. It was just so powerful, and just seeing-feeling the hospital and being there again It feels like we’re there all the time, it feels home It’s a beautiful place isn’t it? I’m so in love with Sierra Leone I know you are! So what was one highlight from the whole trip? What would you say? My highlight would be meeting our girls from the hostel, the girls we’re just taking in it’s a new project that just started and just to see the transformation planting hope in their lives what it can do the beauty in their eyes and the joy, and just the confidence.“…Two sisters who had babies16 and 17 years old who had babiesat the same timeSo this is some of the work that they do here So these are the girls that you help supporting If we were to write a letter to Santa about what the Aminata Maternal Foundation would like for Christmas what would our letter have on its list? Well I think the letter is to continue to support us, the Australian community, and and to raise awareness about maternal health, and to just go with us through this journey because we are doing the most meaningful work I kid you not It’s just the most incredible thing and humble organisation to be part of. If some of our supporters wish to join our regular giving community What would, say, $35 a month get for AMF as a Christmas present? $35 will take 5 children monthly to see the GP. That is just mindblowing, just to think about that The power behind that, to see a GP It’s $35, think 5 children I mean, who doesn’t want to be part of that? So, for $70, we could deliver a mother of her baby safely in hygenic conditions every month. So by the end of the year, if you were to donate $70 a month on our regular giving program You would have delivered 24 mothers and babies That’s an extraordinary contribution to humanity What a gift that would be. What would $100 a month get us? $100. I think this is where the power comes from because this is the maternal health spacelooking after these children cannot happen without these
people.To pay a salary for a month for a nurse and a midwife I mean, $100 to pay a nurse, every month That is just– that alone I can’t even sit my head around that. I can- We can be part of that contribution together to do that. And it’s a feel good space isn’t it? It makes you feel good to know that you have helped and paid for a midwife’s salary to look after these young mothers and their babies. How powerful is that? That would be extraordinary– –bring about extraordinary change to the mothers and babies of Sierra Leone. So you go to our website. You visit:Please come and join us in this incredible journeyMerry Christmas everybody!Merry Christmas to you all!See you 2020!Indeed. Can’t believe it.Oooh yes.

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