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The Things I Am Grateful For (American Sign Language Vlog)

Hey! Guess what? It’s an ASL video today! [pencil writing] [Pokemon game sound] Welcome back to the channel. What am I doing today? Well, Thanksgiving is over.
It was yesterday. And so, today is Black Friday. I waited until today to upload this. Today, I want to talk about the
things that I’m grateful for. I’ve said this before, but I’m not good at emotions. I’m not good at talking
about my feelings. I’m always thinking things,
but I can’t… I don’t know.
It’s weird. So, I have a list. Let’s start. First, you all. My viewers, followers, and subscribers. Thank you for watching my videos, watching my streams, being on Facebook,
or reading my articles. Following me on Twitter. Just overall supporting me and my work. Geez, I cannot sign today. But, really, I appreciate it. Thank you. That’s why I have a giveaway soon. Just keep watching the video, alright? Second, my friends. If I’m sad, or if I
need to complain, I have friends that I can vent to. And it’s fine. Third, my boyfriend. Same thing I said before
in the last reason. It’s nice to have someone
who understands me, who tries his best to
be accessible. It’s great. And he makes me laugh. Fourth, opportunities that I’ve had. The public speaking,
sponsored videos. Any other work I’ve gotten. It’s been great. The work helps me support
myself and pay the bills. I’m always really grateful for that. I really enjoy traveling to
various universities and conferences to talk about
disability, deafness, accessibility, and sometimes even mental health. It’s pretty great. Fifth, activism. Activists in deaf awareness, disability, mental health, LBGT-
wait, no- LGBT. I alway confuse them. Activists in child abuse awareness. You know I talk about that myself. I advocate for bringing
awareness to that issue. I’m always thankful for
other activists as well. A lot has changed because of activism. Like on YouTube, there
are more captions now. Not just because of me. But because of other YouTubers, because of viewers who continue to email, tweet,
write on Facebook, whatever, and write letters and send
them off to other YouTubers requesting that they caption their videos. That helped change YouTube
and the Internet in general. More people now know more
about deafness and disability. Same with mental health
and child abuse. And the list goes on. Hm, that was all on my list. But I’m thinking… Okay, six, five, six-
I forgot what number we’re on. So, my cats. Zane and Libby. They’re just really cute. Sometimes I need the cute
if I’m having a bad day. I need something to calm me down. And cats help. Well, sometimes, Zane likes
to be a biter, but you know…
he’s a cat, so. But, yeah, if you’re watching
this, I appreciate you. Right now, I’ve been having a
bad time with not… I feel like I’m not good enough. I’ve been trying to overcome that. But I’m still thankful if you’re
watching these videos or watching my streams. If you read anything I write. If you comment on my YouTube videos. I know I don’t say that enough. I’m just really bad with that stuff.
It’s weird. I grew up with that, but anyway. I’m saying it here and now:
Thank you. So now what do you do? Leave a comment below with
what you’re thankful for. And if you bought anything
from Black Friday, leave a comment below. I’m curious. Oh, oh, oh! I told you I had a giveaway, right? Look down at the link
in the description box. It will be in the pinned comment as well. So the link is there. Just take a look down there. What are you doing, hand? Thank you for watching. I’ll see you later, bye!

49 Replies to “The Things I Am Grateful For (American Sign Language Vlog)”

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  • Cool that you speak in your video and make it accessable for visually impaired and blind people. Even if it is way more work for you. I really like it.

  • I'm just happy for my life in general; happy that our foster kitty is enjoying her new home (we've a new foster now, Blake, who should have kittens by Christmas). My wife and daughter add to my joy and happiness and it doesn't hurt that the Leafs crushed the Flyers 6 – zip Saturday night 😉
    EDIT….AND the Leafs beat the Bruins 4 – 4 tonight! Oh, it's rich, full life 🙂

  • hi rikki! can i ask how you've been teaching yourself ASL? like what resources you're using? i'm taking classes for it in college right now, but i want to work on it more outside of class as well to improve, and you've gotten so skilled at it! i love it.

  • Love your videos, so just want to say thank you for doing videos on YouTube. I am very grateful to have found your channel when I did, really helped me a lot. I bought some Christmas presents on black Friday and resisted the urge to buy anything for myself lol.

  • I'm thankful for a great many things, my father, my beloved cat Flame, and of course, your videos! I actually just moved back to Ohio from Charlotte, NC a little over a year ago to care for my dad. In addition to the challenges that poses, I'm also dealing with the slow loss of my hearing, which has been going on for over ten years now. Though I can still hear, it requires paying close attention, and cocking my head slightly, as my right ear is the least impacted.

    I very much enjoy your videos, and sincerely appreciate the time you take to provide captioning, as I don't have to turn the volume up so high. I can relate to a great many things you discuss, and it tends to improve my mood knowing others have "been there" in regards to various challenges. At the last company I worked at, I had a coworker get on my case for talking to loud on the phone during meetings. I had to explain to him that I had difficulty hearing, and I was not always aware of my own volume if there was a great deal of background noise. He apologized, but it was a sad reminder of how much hearing I've already lost.

    Thank you for your efforts and wonderful videos Rikki, they are much appreciated!

  • You are always good enough, however you feel. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking anything else.

    Of I’m grateful for my friends like you, and the opportunity’s I’ve had to do some great things. More personally I’m grateful for my new perspective on life, I’ve managed to bring to myself, from years of feeling worthless, anxious and depressed to a vastly more confident, out-going and happy person.

    Black Friday – I’m a shopaholic! Main thing of note – new headset for gaming. Also started out on the Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping, that moment when you know you’ve found the right gift for someone is great!

  • 2:01 May he continue to show himself worthy of you.
    5:39 I'm grateful for finding Second Life, Virtual Ability in SL, the chance to present Accessibility In Mind, and having met my sweet Cori there. If you'd like to know more about Accessibility In Mind, please see my web page at

  • I'm thankful for you. I'm an old man who long ago transitioned from denying my hearing loss to a progressive hearing decline to learning, mastering, then, teaching ASL. While I've dealt with so many of the same things, I enjoy & appreciate your raw honesty, directness, & your general approach to your life. I wish that when I was in my 20s that I had had your attitude. Keep it up, Rikki!

  • Thank you for posting your videos! I learn so much from you and I am encouraged to continue in my job. I live in a small town and we offer ASL in high school. I am working hard to become certified but it's truly overwhelming at times. Thank you for your transparency and perseverance.

  • Hey Rikki, I just wanted to say I’m thankful for you! Almost three years ago I became hard of hearing and life was getting difficult, since I was used to relying on my hearing. I wasn’t aware of deaf history or even how to tell others that I would need little things to help me out like captions or not talking too fast so I can keep up. But when I came across your channel I was so excited that I could learn more about deafness and learn history as well. So thank you for being an activist as well and making the videos you do.

  • I'm thankful for my family, and that i have a baby on the way, and that this pregnancy has been better than any of the others (i have had many many miscarriages and one other successful pregnancy) and I'm thankful that i have the support of my partner, and my mom, who has been here through most of my pregnancy helping me with things I cant do. Also thankful for your videos! Thank you!

  • Yay!! I'm happy you're pointing out videos even when you're not feeling the best! Awesome work. The diligence Will pay off!!! I know what it feels like to not feel good enough so I know it's easier to encourage others than it is to take the advice, personally! But you are good enough! I think one day you will get to a place where you believe that. Keep believing in yourself in the small amounts. Do everything you can to remind yourself that you are worth it and you are unique and you have something to the offer the world that no one else does. Keep working on improving your craft and don't be afraid to just tell that negative self-talk NO!! BOLDLY. I see improvements in this video and I think you did great in this video. I love the change of scenery, I love the voice-over as opposed to you talking and signing together. I personally thinn you not talking while signing helps a lot with your facial expressions while signing. And I think the talking with it took away from the signing. So I am hearing but I think it makes the video so much better to just have the voice-over. I also remember when you weren't signing at all so I think it's awesome that you've learned so much sign already and I think you're doing really well. I think were ALL always improving so I think you just have to be okay with that and not get down on yourself. Just keep reminding yourself that you didn't know any at all before. AT LEAST YOU'RE DOING IT. I want to learn asl so badly but I have a really bad time committing and finding the time to be diligent and practice so the fact that you've learned so much….trust me…is s big accomplishment. I think you threw in a couple more strategies in here to try and be more "likeable/approachable" and yo show your emotion so the fact that you have a hard time showing emotion but me being someone who is the same way and I can recognize that you tried a few things here I think really shows you're improvement is definitely noticeable!! Keep it up!!!!! Try more things and just edit out the really cringey stuff!!!! Lol your diligence shows your passion for the activism and that passion will keep a lot of viewers I feel like. It's awesome that you are passionate about it!! It's so admirable that you've been through what you've been through and decide to try daily to become better and try and get healthy and HELP OTHERS. Brooooooo I will keep supporting you so keep doing the hard work, leave that comfort zone, and remember the hard things are worth the most in the end!!!!!

  • I am thankful for my boyfriend and the support of my family and friends… For Black Friday I bought my boyfriend a new sword because he is a collector and for My sisters I bought an eight way necklace each of them and myself will receive one piece as a symbol of our closeness for my parents I bought my mom a new jewelry set and for my dad a new tool set

  • Loved this video. I started watching you a couple years ago when I was taking ASL 1 and I've been watching ever since. I rarely comment but I had to this time… I am thankful for you and other youtubers who sign. Why? Because it was a huge help while earning my ASL degree and also the fact that you are so outspoken, chill, humble and support the many communities. It is very admirable and you as well as one or two more Deaf YouTubers are who I recommend to ASL students to watch.. As far as Black Friday "deals", I took part for the FIRST TIME EVER and bought a Lifeproof phone case. Just got a new phone and it's the only case I use.

  • I'm a viewer and a subscriber… this might sound (eh sound) weird but I love your voice. I hope you read this and think I'm not weird. I'm here because you were on veritasium once and I liked you. I wish you all the best.

  • i’m thankful for the internet. as an introvert with social anxiety it’s really hard for me to connect with other people and the internet has allowed me to make connections i’d be deprived of otherwise.

    i’m also thankful for you, rikki for sharing your experiences. you’ve helped me come to terms with my own Deaf identity and embrace something that was once sort of denied if that makes sense.

  • No, thank YOU, Rikki, for letting us view your videos and being a part of our lives. I guess that's my thankful comment!

    Also, you are enough. You are always enough (shout out to not just Rikki, but for anyone reading this comment who needs/wants a pick-me-up) <3.

  • If you ever think you're not good enough, compare yourself to who you were yesterday instead of who somebody else is today. Please do continue to share your stories and your advocacy, because the world needs more people such as yourself.

  • I'm thankful for you and your work, Rikki. I'm also very thankful for my cats, as well. They also make me feel better on my bad days! Hope your holiday was nice!

  • Not the right video to ask this but do you ever fart and not expect it to be a loud kne but it turns out to be and you find out becahse someone tells you?lol

  • We decided Blake wasn't quite the right name for mom-to-be-cat, now it's Nikki, a diminutive of Onyz. Little Nikki will be getting bigger the next couple of weeks 😉

  • Am thankful for:

    • Toby + Lukai + Skyr, who help me feel safer and enable me to leave apartment (they are plush dog, plush fox and plush red panda. They guard me.)

    • Your videos because can watch them when having bad sensory days (→ when absolutely cannot handle any sound at all but am also bound to bed)

    • Colour green

    • Art

    • Dogs!!! ♡

  • Hey Rikki! I really do appreciate you and I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I work two jobs now and one of them is retail madness. But I miss you! And I'll try to stop into one of your streams whenever I can! Have a good day!

  • i coerced my mom into buying me two hot topic shirts on the black friday sale online !!! they had 3x mens’ online, and that size actually fits me 🙂 i’m thankful that i’ve learned to navigate the world with all my disabilities, and that i’ve started to set boundaries when i need to 😀 love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️ love seeing you in my feed

  • I am thankful for learning asl and becoming a part of the community. Also I am thankful for allergy medicine, it's reduced my chronic vertigo to a minimum. I still have it all the time but it's a minimum. And my hearing loss has not progressed. And that I have good people in my life.

    Also I bought a ps4 and 7 games because I had some money left over from my car insurance money. Also let's go eevee. Because eevee is way better than Pikachu.

  • Im thankful for people who didnt shop on black Friday and im thankful to those that are fighting against this colonialist murderous holiday.

  • Have you ever thought about teaching ASL on here? I would love to learn! Love your channel and you are such a beautiful person!!! Also, I bought a lot of Blu-rays and 4K Blu ray films!!!!

  • I'm thankful for a roof over my and my family's heads, food on our table, family that supports us, caring and intelligent Special Ed teachers for my Autistic child, and for anxiety meds that are helping both myself and my younger child to function in the world a little easier. And for the internet, which connects us to a broader community.

  • I'm a few days late but I'm thankful for your ASL videos. Also I absolutely loved the voiceover. It allowed me to keep my eyes focused on you while providing interpretation for those of us who are learning sign.

  • Hi Rikki! I found your channel from your collaboration with Molly Burke. I really like how you have ASL while you talk. I am visually impaired, but my brother is completely deaf. I just shared your Channel with him in case he doesn't know about you yet.😁 it's pretty tricky when one person can't see in the other one can't hear, but we adapted, and I definitely really support making things more accessible. Great to meet you! And great video. I'm so thankful for people like you.

  • Thanksgiving isn't a thing in my country but I'm grateful for my cats too and for my boyfriend even though he's far away. For black friday I didn't have money to actually take advantage of any deals, I've been just trying to scrape by while also helping my dad while he's sick and since I'm too sick to have a 9 to 5 job and just get work from home sporadically I've been struggling but that reminds me that I'm thankful for the employers that still appreciate my work (look at you, INK magazine).

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