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The Sweet Gesture That Made Tia Mowry-Hardrict Fall for Husband Cory Hardrict | Black Love | OWN

TIA MOWRY: There was this one time, we all went out to eat at, uh, uh, what was it? The Chinese, uh, was it PF Chang’s? In Marina Del Rey? No! Cheesecake Factory! CORY HARDRICT: Ah yeah, it was Cheesecake Factory. TIA: It was Cheesecake Factory. CORY: I know what she’s about to tell you right now. TIA: And, so, like I said, we had been hanging out. CORY: Hanging out. TIA: My sister would hang out with me, my cousin would hang out with me, they would play basketball together. And then we all went to Cheesecake Factory – CORY: Yep. TIA: And then on our way out, I was in the car with my sister, and he was like, “Stop!” CORY: All right, let me tell you. TIA: Okay, you tell the story! CORY: Let me tell you what happened. I gotta say this. Um, I remember we were leaving, and I was so embarrassed because I had bought her some flowers, I remember, cause I didn’t have a lot of money, I’m gonna be honest. I don’t remember even eating a lot that night. You know how you try to hide it when you – [TIA LAUGHING] CORY: You know like the struggle, the struggle year when you get out here, you’re like no I’m cool, I’ll take a salad or some water. So, I remember, the dinner was over and they were leaving, they were getting in the car and I was like I had flowers and I had them in the trunk. TIA: Mmhm. CORY: I remember, I had just got a Sebring. TIA: Uh huh. CORY: Right? You know like the old school Sebring, I thought I was, you know, it was my first car out here. It was – TIA: It had a little hum to it too. CORY: I had some beats in there and everything! But it was just kinda like okay, I put the flowers in the trunk, I remember I bought em from um, I think Ralphs or somethin’. But they were the nicest flowers from Ralphs you could get, right? So I had them in the trunk – TIA: They were red. CORY: I remember – TIA: Roses. CORY: They were walkin’ off and I was so embarrassed because I was like man, I don’t wanna give her these flowers in front of all her friends, and her family and her sister. I gotta pop my trunk and give her flowers! [LAUGHING] CORY: And what did I do, Tia? Did I say um, I think I pulled you to the side, right? TIA: Yeah. CORY: I think I just something like, “come here”, and I just said I’m gonna do it. TIA: Mmhm. CORY: Because I think you were going out of town. TIA: Okay. CORY: You were leaving or something. TIA: Uh huh. CORY: And I said I might not see her again, these flowers are gonna rot or whatever. TIA: Yeah. [LAUGHING] CORY: And I remember giving her the flowers. I opened the trunk and gave her the flowers. And I was like so embarrassed and I was like, oh my god, she probably gonna never see me again. That was the corniest thing, but then I said – TIA: It wasn’t. That was when my heart melted and I started to kinda of like go, oh, this guy is different. Like, this guy is amazing. Like, he’s so sweet and generous and kind and…the gifts didn’t stop flowing.

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