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“The Silence” Movie Review by a Deaf person! (Sign Language, PSE, ASL, CC, Voiceover )

– Hello everyone, and
welcome back to my channel. You ready to discuss The Silence? I first heard about it a long time ago, back in September,
because of The Daily Moth. The director said
something really ignorant. This is what he said. But was I surprised? No, of course not. Of course the deaf community was upset. A Quiet Place had just released, and it was an amazing movie. They chose a deaf actress and
it did really, really well. So of course we wanted to see more deaf and hard-of-hearing actors. It means a better movie. It means more opportunities
for deaf and hard-of-hearing. And just, it’s all around a good thing. And I know some people were mad that The Silence copied A Quiet Place. But I’m pretty sure The
Silence was a book first, like way before A Quiet
Place was released. And they started filming it
before it was released, too. Now initially, I thought
they stole the plot, and they didn’t cast a deaf actress? I mean, this movie’s stupid,
it’s gonna be stupid. So I was already judging it before. But if something has ASL or
sign language of any kind in it, I’m gonna watch it. I will, because sign
language is something, or is some content that I can relate to, even if it’s bad. So let’s jump into pros. There was a lot of Deaf Tendencies, or Deaf Bing, if you will. The mom signed to her daughter, wake up. I mean, for me personally, like turning on and off the
lights, or banging on the walls, or taking water and pouring it on my face, that is like the most
awful way to be woken up. And if you wanna wake up a
deaf person successfully, then just sign wake up, like duh. One con, she mentioned
that she adapted well to being deaf or to
becoming deaf at age 13. And that was a little, yeah, I don’t know about that. I’m hard-of-hearing for
maybe my whole life, but for sure, 17 years. And still, to this day, I sometimes struggle with my deafness, because damn, it’s a hearing world. And it’s hard out there. It’s tiring, it’s exhausting, and sometimes you just
don’t wanna deal with it. So that was like don’t erase the deaf and hard-of-hearing experience. It just didn’t sit well with me. Another pro, her life was
like the perfect life. Almost everyone in her family, well, yeah, everyone in her
family signed a little bit. And it wasn’t bad, either. It didn’t, I mean it’s not real life, especially because she lost
her hearing for three years, and that’s it. I remember my signing at
three years in learning ASL was not very good. And my family, theirs was even worse. So real life, that’s not. I mean, it doesn’t really happen that way. You’re lucky if your family signs. Most deaf and hard-of-hearing kids, they’re born to hearing
parents, 90% to be exact. And ASL is a hard language,
just like any other language. It’s hard to learn. You have to practice,
practice, practice, practice all the time. Another con, something about Netflix, they weren’t advertising or promoting as much as I thought they would. And it was a new release. So I thought they would be advertising it, especially because I watch everything that is deaf-related. So you would think that their system, their algorithm, whatever
you wanna call it, would be recommending me
that movie, but it didn’t. I had to scroll all the way down and like really, really
search for the movie, which is strange. Something tells me that they
were doing that on purpose, and maybe trying to hide the movie? I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. But it would make sense to me, because the trailer came out recently, and it had no captions. I mean, the audience that
will be watching this movie includes, for sure, deaf
and hard-of-hearing people. First they casted a hearing actress. Then the director made those comments. Then there was no captions on the trailer. And I’m just like, wow, are they stupid? Or are they trying to piss
off their audience on purpose to, I don’t know, generate buzz? It’s weird, I don’t know. You never know with Hollywood these days. A con, major con, Kiernan Shipka didn’t sign much at all. I was genuinely excited
to see her signing, but it just wasn’t there, which I get it. I’ve been signing for six years now, and still I don’t sign
like ASL, strong ASL. I make mistakes all the time. But also, it’s important to remember that her character was born hearing, was raised using spoken English. That is her first language, it’s English. So it makes sense that she
would be signing English and ASL and PSE and
whatever you wanna call it. For all the people that are upset because she’s signing broken, there’s not only one way to
be deaf or hard-of-hearing. I think the story would
be able to relate to a lot of hard-of-hearing people
because they never really specifically said she is profoundly deaf. They never said she is hard-of-hearing. People don’t know about the
different kinds of labels that we have as a community. And honestly, it’s not really important, because it shouldn’t matter. If someone says they’re
deaf or hard-of-hearing, and they wanna use a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and they wanna combine things, for this person it’s speaking,
for this person it’s signing, for this person it’s using both. It doesn’t matter. It’s both a pro and a con
because it’s not educational, but it’s not wrong, either. That’s my opinion. Another pro is that the
movie itself was funny. I thought it was really good. I thought it was really entertaining. I didn’t become bored, not once. It was well-shot. Everything was always inside the frame. All of the signing was good. A lot of movies don’t do
that because it’s not, you know, visually pleasing. The captions were on
the TV inside the house. What else, what else is a con? I can’t really think of a lot of cons because honestly, if it
was bad, then it was funny. My final thoughts, overall,
I think it was a good movie. I’m just happy there’s
more content out there that includes sign language, that includes deaf and
hard-of-hearing characters, and different kind of characters. Because a lot of people tend to think that deaf means completely deaf, and there’s only one type of deaf. And no, that is not it at all. I think if you’re bored,
if you like sign language, if you like Kiernan Shipka, if you like that bald guy,
Stanley from Devil Wears Prada, you will like this movie. And maybe you’ll pick up a few signs, too. As far as casting a hearing
actress, that’s business (unfortunately). It didn’t matter to me, I liked it. ***talking about the acting*** And I might watch it again, is that weird? I don’t know. I don’t even care that
the plot was the same as The Quiet Place or A Quiet Place, because it was still a good movie. As far as people saying
negative things about the movie, about the signing skills, about not casting a deaf actress, I’m happy those people are there, too, because as deaf and
hard-of-hearing people, we are always fighting
for more opportunities. And the moment we stop
fighting is when opportunities will get taken away or become minimized. And I don’t want that to happen. I want more movies like this, and I want more TV shows that have deaf or hard-of-hearing characters. All right, I think I’ve
rambled on long enough, so I’m gonna stop here. I hope some of that made sense to you all. Anyway, thank you so much for watching. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Make sure you follow me on
Instagram @tismejackieg. I’ll see you next time in the next video. Love you, bye. And here’s me. See you later, bye. *whispers* there’s supposed to be music here but I forgot whoopssssss hehe sry hey caption gang whats goooooddd????? 🤟🏽❤️☺️ later dudez

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