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The Programming Languages That You Must Learn In 2020 | Sarvesh M Rao

all right so today I’m going to share the top 4 programming languages that I think you should learn in 2020 START
okay so here’s what I’ll do I’ll go through four programming languages
and the first one will be the language that
I think you should learn if you’re a beginner and
the second one will be the language that I think is the most useful
language to learn and the third one will be the language to learn
if you’re looking for a new challenge and
lastly the fourth one will be the language of the future
and here are a few timestamps in
case you want to skip ahead to the one that’s most interesting to you.
INTRODUCE So I’m Sarvesh M Rao and you’re watching Sarvesh
M Rao YouTube channel come on let’s start with language number Let’s get straight into it
ONE The first one which is the language that I
think you should learn as a beginner which is Java.
Java is such a staple is kind of like the breakfast of languages it’s the one that I always recommend that you start with and when I got started I didn’t actually want to learn Java I was kind of against it it felt like Java was an old language and kind of outdated and I didn’t even want to look in that direction but that was just really stupid of me because today I realized how awesome Java actually is like I said it’s the perfect foundational language learning Java will set you up so well to be able to pick up other languages with ease plus there are tons of free resources available to learn from and it has certain features like type safety that I think are really good to learn as a beginner. TWO
okay now let’s move on to the most useful language in my opinion Python.
Python is a fast language to write because the syntax is very scaled-down so you don’t need to type as many characters to get the job done.
it’s what I would call a productivity language.
I love to automate things using Python it’s really good for getting something simple up and running fast.
it’s a really fun language to work with
it’s perfect for automating different tasks on the computer
Python is also commonly used in the field of AI so there’s tons of different libraries available for that for things like deep learning and machine learning
so it’s a super useful language and I really
recommend it Three
now let’s move on to a language to learn if you’re more intermediate and looking for a bit of a challenge C++ this is a workhorse of a language and if you don’t know this one already then it’s a great new challenge to get into forever now it’s also a bit of a dreaded language because when you’re writing code in C++ you have to worry about memory allocation and that’s something that you don’t really have to worry about with any of the previous languages that I mentioned. it’s a language that’s widely used in areas where speed and efficiency are highly valued and if you learn this language then you’ll definitely be able to find a job for instance in interesting industries like AI or even at SpaceX as a top secret software engineer whatever that means okay so that one is a bit of a challenge but Four
now for the fourth recommendation which is what I believe to be the language of the future Dart this is in my opinion the language of the future in terms of mobile app development I’m probably biased because I love to develop apps and flutter but I genuinely believe that dart and flutter has the potential to take over a lot of app development in the future because it’s simply way cheaper for a company to just hire one team of dart engineers to work in flutter instead of two teams one for iOS and one for Android but also if you’re thinking about starting your own company by building an app it’ll be way easier for you to get your app built and released because you only have to do the work of writing the app at once and I think that’s where the biggest benefit lies in being able to create a quality app as a single individual and then release it to both iOS and Android all from within the single codebase but I think one of the main fears with using a cross-platform framework like flutter and dart is that you will have a slower app that will have a lesser user experience but I’ve noticed no such compromises when using flutter to develop apps so for me it’s a no brainer all right so I actually want to give you a fifth language that I would recommend if you want to get into web development and that is JavaScript okay so to be fair javascript is a great Language to learn but if you’re gonna learn JavaScript I suggest learning HTML and CSS as well because without HTML and CSS I do believe that JavaScript is really nothing special however these three in conjunction are in my opinion the best web development kit that you’ll find right now it’s also pretty much the foundation of all websites that you see out there so if you’re looking to get into web development then javascript is the clear winner so that’s one last one for you and now these are just my recommendations they’re based on some research but also my opinions in general so just keep that in mind and also if you’re worrying about like what language to pick as your first one then don’t worry about that because it doesn’t really matter just pick one that you’re interested in and that you feel like learning because once you’ve learned one you’ll be able to pick up pretty much any other language without much effort alright that’s it for this one I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I’ll see you next One DO LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL

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