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The Partner Accessibility (PAC) Initiative – CAP ASL VLOG

Hello! Do you know about the Public Accessibility and Communication (PAC) Initiative? CAP provides assistive technology to increase access to federal programs and services for federal employees and members of the general public with disabilities. Specific examples of locations within your agency that would benefit from a PAC accommodation include: customer service centers, such as passport offices, parks or forest stations, and other services accessed by civilians for government services; federal technology centers that integrate assistive technologies for demonstration, needs assessment and federal employment and training centers to ensure access throughout the recruitment and employment experience for employees and applicants with disabilities, such as Human Resource (HR) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Offices. PAC accommodations allow individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate independently. For example, communication devices can be used in the lobby of a building by federal employees who are deaf or hard of hearing to call a supervisor or a co-worker to escort them into the building if they forget their identification badge. For more information on the PAC Initiative, contact CAP at 703-614-8416 or for VP, 571-384-5629. Or, if you know what you need to make your federal workplace more accessible, you can submit a request at Also, please take a look at our CAP Quick Tip video, Public Accessibility and Communication (PAC) Initiative, at Thank you!

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