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The origins of the Scots language – in Scots

through the weapons of Scotland’s 2011 census I missed while Malian folk is some skill with a skort sleet but what has thus lead 3-car Scots and worked at it comfy Scots has a queen different names Scots scotch tape Scots Holland Scott and lallans for buy in the United Kingdom folk speaks at Miss Lee in the mid contra and then the nor’easter Scotland but I’ll see an art may and Shetland and in Galloway bored us Keith ness and other Apes Scots has also spoken in Pizza Ulster the earliest leads with cannons Oh in the UK he that Finn’s in the Celtic family we can aunty weapons at hua canes goodell ik the antecessor er s Scottish Gaelic and Manx and platonic we enough spring that tykes and Welsh Cornish and then a languor extant Cumbrae when the Romans first came to the a lebreton we met we are pocket raves for spite the verse canes of Wrath on ik north of a Hadrian’s Wall be the pits his lead was me slightly a forum a Brittani we can not our Macallan enter peckish lead and wear test Kent comes miss Lee free place names skate that are in the Norland and East miss Piazza Scotland as in place name it starts way pet if the little man’s had gone their ways a different Celtic clan must amias roots in Ireland made n gangs and to the lands of the pests the rivers Ellis clan cried Scotty by the Romans made him in the West that EPSA Scotland then Pepin a kingdom or Doria de their marathon was all there’s a guy Dilek forma Celtic and antecessor our nd Scottish Gaelic main time in the sooth free mid 50s our own fully in the Romans license for the strongholds and Breton triangles Saxons and Jutes camo of a channel they bade first in East Anglia Kent until Isis and their leads were forms that were said T West Germanic no money generations F thought the anglo-saxons had racks to the west and north went into the load ins and the site century they have lead that we may slag either name Old English heed fo our main dialects northumbrian Mercian Kentish and wast Saxon the twine / miss dialects or they gather Kent as Anglian Haida mukil Perth deeply and the up beggin of the Scots lead as metre a curse that was nice Scottish nation in the sight century the kingdom of Northumbria blacks to the nor as for as the faithful forth well Nora that the pects and the gales with hard pure least come the Vikings to the north and east in England the Danes established the Danelaw a muckle Swede independent pure to the Nora Scotland and in the northern and western isles the Norwegians come reven and st. subtle that path to England then mist rang with Scandinavian presence as often cried the great Scandinavian belt the local dialects our English took up a fake a nose wants money Ares wads of new pair pass turned of English circus sky egg antique and the pronouns V then and there others had been restricted they made local usage as in the lake sir log and lass [Music] Arang with the Vikings for the sooth then a thumb brains with an English lead what promote and the up hoard another more Thorin matches and with gear of the loadings to the Gallic speaking kingdom or Alaba and though Gallic was by then the he’d mislead it through the faker Scotland Anglian dialects with high tech it through mr. Dalal ins after 1066 England come on of the mystery of the Normans and French was new to lead to the governing classes the Normans deadly formal the pure estate in Scotland who in ever the Scottish rail cooked with care Norman met King David first Meerut Matilda grand St William the Conqueror and Scottish lands and layer ships were keyed to the anglo-norman high heejun’s the Scottish Normans what come miss Leigh fill an order England in East Midlands brought with him a muckle Nomura folk money up were more English speakers were healed freely old bean law pills but meant their English had our oath a Scandinavian once this with he away steep it deeply in the market and escorts lead King David would also establish rail Burroughs students we by ordinate red rafts that would attract gentility peasants traders and Gelb’s Minh Atlanta mac-11 Lee drew and folk free Leonora England and free frame at its measly free the leaf Contras the Jacana Scots has a futher wats Borat free Dutch a magnum loon and kick the common tongue in Scottish boroughs thereby brought together in different measures garlic the local Anglian English we Scandinavian influence and Dutch mister the documents grieve it in Scotland afore the head end of the 13th century Escriva and Latin this makes it a truffle to follow the way the lead we Kennedy as Scots would grow to this mixture max there are leaps what can be concluded whoever is that the heat makes three dinner my cuppa Scots as Old English weather for the local Anglian dial a candle Odense of Scandinavian influence English are the Danelaw the fake and the ordinar curtly in legal ones years than early scots the contrast came free French and Latin north or the fourth garlic as the spoken lead was game air to the fore this resulted in the northern and western Swedish thoughts been slower and the Updike particularly it way the Boras this is in reason as to why the dialects free a boon the forth are on a lake free dialects on a central belt but the 17th century changes an Estonian between Scotland and England it gapped Scots tiny Makalu its madam as a scree VAT lead at Marion mayor gateway to English in Sloane and come to be seen as he’d miss the meters a leap as a spoken tongue money Scots pinned it to their advantage the up hide their affairs an English in steed who a never may able to edit the Scots pronunciations altogether the MEXT of the resulta is what we would new generally cry Scottish English but as a spoken tongue and in which is often represented in its various dialects through scary vet works Scots babes on and continuously evolve with it dude it is a Germanic Lee that it’s helped and his mace empty English for by it carries Wyatt all the wealth here stood free the money Fried’s our leaves and folk at Scotland he’s brought together by all the ages [Music] you

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