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How To Learn Sign Language

The Opposite

(no closed caption for this part on purpose) So why are we married when we are so opposite? If you are Deaf then you are probably
missing part of what my husband is saying. And if you are hearing then you may not
understand what my wife is saying. If you hearing and you were frustrated
about the lack of captions with my part… Welcome to both my world as a
Deaf person AND his wife. Being able to communicate
with each other is extremely important. I admit that I have an advantage of being able to hear and talk a little but we still misunderstand each other. Most of our big fight come from
miscommunication which escalate to the same problem that come back to haunt us:
our language barrier. American Sign Language is important to my wife
because it is her primary language. It does not matter that she
can hear me or that she can talk to me. Her language is what she is comfortable
with and that is what matters. There is a story that was stuck in
my head since childhood. This is a story about a Deaf man who grew up in oral setting. His mother was in her deathbed at the hospital. He showed up at the hospital
and tried to talk with his mother. He struggled to understand her
as she continued to try to talk to him. She was eventually given a paper and pen. Her hand began to shake as she
tried to write down what she was saying. Then she died. Her son was heart broken. Her last word… Her last word was either an “O”… or “C” We don’t want this to happen to us… My husband is not the only one who needs to
learn how to improve our communication. I have to learn how to be patient. I have to stop putting him down
when he make mistakes. I have to stop comparing him to others
who is also learning ASL. For an example… One of our good friend is able to pick up
things from just watching videos. But he tried and he was not successful with it. He tried different methods of learning ASL. What method fit him better with learning ASL? By taking classes in person. But the main point is… Everyone have different way of learning things. Everyone learn at different paces. It’s okay. It’s fine. All that really matters… is that you try. If you are hearing and interested in
dating someone who is Deaf then you need to be willing to learn not just their
language but also their culture. Saying, “ILY isn’t enough. Show them that you love them
by putting effort in learning ASL. They are already adapting themselves to us. Don’t make them have to
struggle in their own relationship. Communication is important.

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